fuck my life

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    my mom is a fucking bitch heres what happened today

    my mom started yelling at my little brothers because of some bs reason and the yelling was basically abusive so i tell her shes being unreasonable. she then tells me im trying to be a parent (defending my little brothers) then my little brother tells my mom "your being unreasonable to george" she doesnt respond walks away and i go to tell my dad she follows me and starts saying i go behind her back (while true shes a psycotic bitch so i have my rights) and then i question her parenting skills and call her a bad mother then she yells at me to prove shes a bad mother then my dad starts yelling at her for being a total bitch and then they argue for a good half hour in front of me then after she leaves i go back downstairs to get something to eat as she says shes leaving to go somewhere i turn around and then she runs towards me and assaults me for my phone in my pocket i grab her hand and my phone and she says "you cant hit me im your mother" so i push her away from me and tell her too get the hell away from he and start running upstairs to my dad for help she follows and i lock her out and she starts yelling at my dad and during this i keep screaming at her "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU PSYCOTIC BITCH!!!" she eventually leaves i punch a huge dent into my parents wall and fall to the ground crying for about 10 mins or so then get up and 20 mins later go to the mall to get out of the house

    FML!!! :(
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    Hello Georger,

    Seems like your family relationship is not very good and you don't get on with your mum, calling your mum names could cause upsetness to her wwhich may make her react in ways she does, or she may feel unconshish about her role as a mother. Many mums would blame their children for most things that are happening such as there having stress at work they blame their loved ones. How would you feel about approaching more slowly aand actually asking her, whats wrong? This way there may be less shouting and screaming in the house. How old are you and your siblings?
    Is it possible to get your mum in to therapy, to help resolve her anger issue and work through things could you speak to your dad about it?
  3. georgeo10yal

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    im 16 my little brothers are 8 and 6

    there's something wrong with her thinking specifically she never used to be like this she was always really nice shes a bitch now i mean it could be midlife crisis but it started around 2 years ago my parents told me recently they are divorcing but this was just a crazy day although i am surprised my hand isnt broken lol i will say one thing i was about a needle prick away from putting my mom in a hospital today and now im not gonna be able to sleep from the trama of today

    should i consider seeing a social services worker after today? im thinking about it but i want opinions from other people first before i do something this rational
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    I don't want to make things any worse by what I say. The best doctor sometimes is time.

    I've been through a lot of things and seen a lot of things relating to parents over the years. I"ve been very angry a few times. My sisters/brothers have been also. There were times things really got crazy. In our house spanking was normal when we were younger. The spanking stopped once we reached a certain age, but the anger and screaming and everything didn't. Generally, my step mother was always the central power figure when I was growing up.

    Everyone has a personality defect. There's this constant state of battle for balance of power. Parents are trying to keep control of the house and you're trying to keep your voice amidst increasing maturity. It's tight. They're looking forward to the time when you leave the house for college or work. I bet you're too.

    Sometimes kids show immaturity, but sometimes parents do too. It can go both ways. But you don't want to get into a position where you're parenting them. It can't be just you. I realize you're 16 and have a lot of opinions now about how things should be. What you want is a compromise. Try to keep the peace. "Unjust peace is better than just war." - Cicero.

    Focus on school and learning about how to get employment. Those are your number 1 tasks right now.
  5. georgeo10yal

    georgeo10yal Well-Known Member

    already have a job im getting annoyed with school lately so ive kind of neglected it but w/e i can fix shit easily
  6. gamergirl

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    im sorry about your mom *hugs* i hope the two of you can have a good relationship someday :)
  7. The Unforgiven

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    no george. focus on school.. thatll be your way out to a better place..
    i know what its like, in my case my dads the psychotic one.. the fact that hes lik etwice as big as any of us didint help but w/e, this is about you.. keep strong, its very brave of you to stick up for your little brothers. in fact they need you, youll be the third parent and in fact they need you to do that.. keep strong. :)

  8. MadeOfGlass

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    I usually don't really reply to many serious threads, but I can relate to this completely. :hug:
    My older bro is 16 just like you, our mom is an insane b***h as well. He's always the one who confronts her and tells her when her 'parenting' gets out of hand.
    Of course, since SHE'S the parent, she must be the one who's right no matter what (please note, that was completely sarcastic).
    I think it's great that you stick up for your younger brothers, and that you look out for them.
    When the fighting is going on, it totally makes your head want to explode. The key is to just wait the felings out. Just stay strong, and focus on getting out of there.
    :hug: Just a PM away if you ever want/need to talk.
  9. georgeo10yal

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    ive been trying its kinda annoying when my teachers keep bitching at me for work and i cant do it because i dont have my computer till 8pm :/ but yea ive been told that so much its getting annoying :p thanks though

    gamergirl *hugs* :)

    imperfection exactly my point
  10. georgeo10yal

    georgeo10yal Well-Known Member

    my dad and i have been trying to get her therapy for 2 years at this point im ready for police to escort her to a legitimate therapist and not some voodoo bullshit stuff