fuck this night

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    ok. sooooo, i got a call from my friend seeing what i was doing after work. i wasnt doing anything so we decided to go to ihop... i went to go get my friend/ ex/ want to be his girlfriend but cant be for various reasons-- cliff-- and some friends. as i was driving me and cliff got in an argument because he was trying to take me the long way... anyways... there was a cop behind us. and he wound up pulling us over (i have no idea why. he didnt tell me why >.<)... cliff had a warrant on him. he got arrested. i made the love of my life get arrested :cry: and its all my fault because i was arguing that he got arrested :cry: i feel like shit. i mean me and his mom bailed him out but i still feel so bad. i just wanted some fucking pancakes. but because i wanted to argue, he got arrested.

    so then i went to go and try to tell his little bitch or whatever she is that he just got arrested... and this is what she said "... so? youre lying"
    i felt she deserved to know :( i know that if it was her in my shoes id like to know he went to jail!!!!

    so now im freaking out. i mean its not as bad as it was a few hours ago when it first happened... but im still freaking out. i feel so bad. i got him arrested. its all my fault :cry:
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    he got arrested cause he got an open warrant, that's the only reaosn.
    It's not your fault
    People are responsible for their own actions.