Fuck You, God!

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  1. I hate this goddamn school. It's not even two weeks til the end of my fucking Junior year and the teachers are piling on the projects. First, we had to study our asses off for a fucking history state test. During that time, we were also working our asses off doing a fucking research paper for English, which, by the by, counted as four major test grades and we had to do note cards and resource cards and title pages and alphabetizing and speeches and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NOW I'm finally finished with the research paper for English--I just did my final speech yesterday-- and my fucking Sociology teacher is now making us do a goddamn project for HER! That's why I'm on the internet at school in the FIRST place!! AND WOULDN'T YOU FUCKING KNOW IT?!?! My Spanish teacher just told us this morning that we're doing a fucking research paper for HER and she had to assign me fucking Nicaragua because it's too much to ask to get a Spanish-speaking country that I know a LITTLE bit about like Venezuela!! FUCK THIS SCHOOL! FUCK MY LIFE! I DON'T DESERVE THIS! WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO PISS YOU OFF, GOD?! WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO!!!???
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    I hate school stress. I know how you feel :hug:.

    This link any help whatsoever? :wink:
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    Life only gets worse after school man, just you wait.
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    Not all that supportive mate. :dry:

    Seriously, are you feeling any better now? :hug:
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    Who says? For many, it gets a whole lot damn better!
  6. I'm calmed down but I'm stilled pissed at the school system. There's a whole list of things I'm mad at the school about but I'll probably rant them later. The bell's about to ring.