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Fuck you tesco.....

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Kaos General

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......and your staff.

Who the fuck do they think they are to judge anyone? I went in their to get some crap because 1) i look like crap due to these meds 2) Ive had nothing to eat for the past 2 days because my appetite has been destroyed by the same meds. I dont appreciate being looked at like im some sort of thieving tramp because of the way i look. I dont give a flying fuck if they have had a bad day or not, thats their problem not mine. Next time i get treated like that im gonna throw the fucking basket at them and if that fucking manager follows me around the store one more time im gonna lay him out on the fucking floor. Ive been using the same place for the past 2 and a half years and they still treat me like im gonna rob the place. Oh but of course the manager is better than me because he runs a shop, even though he probably got rejected by Mcdonalds for being a complete and utter prick. What is it with people who leave school with fuck all, get a job in a shithole like tesco or asda and think they are better than everyone else?

Oh and if i get followed from the cashpoint by a drug addled tramp from outside one of the 9 bookies in the 500m vicinity again his health is really gonna suffer. The only reason he didnt rob me was because of the way i looked at him and he slunk off into one of the aforementioned bookies. I fucking hate deptford


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Man that's shit. Fuck that crap. I can understand where people can come from with being "paranoid" about people entering their stores, but that's bollocks.
I reckon u werent in the form to do it, but if u are next time and being followed by a member of staff, Id walk straight up to them and ask them if they need any help. Put them on the spot and let them play their cards. Beats being subjected to that crap.

I hope things are ok. maybe sometime after when youre feeling better from the treatments you could look for a new place to live. I know it's tough though with everything, but it might be something to aim for.


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How rude and uncompassionate! I mean do people really think anymore!

I am sorry, that was so wrong. :hug:


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im so sorry you were treated that way,thats awful and something you shouldnt have went through :hug: i agree with Blake, i would make sure they knew, you knew, what they were doing and embarrass the hell out off them. how so damn rude some people are.

total eclipse

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yeh some people can be complete idiots rude xxxxxxx i would not even go back to the place and tell others what a low life place it is hit them where it hurts lol take care okay I hope your appetite improves


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Sorry you got treated that way, people can really suck!! I agree with SBlake though, put them on the spot next time, make them look stupid.


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no wonder you're upset Wayne..I would be too
sorry you're feeling so crappy and then had to put up with that rubbish...
I also agree with sblake about embarrassing them if you go back and they do it again
and as for the drug addled tramp...that's what the world has come to....sad
*hugs* and take care


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This is why I don't like going outside. People can be insanely Judgemental sometimes.

Sorry to hear you had to go through that Wayne :hug:

I know it probs doesn't help right now but try remember if people need to stop and stare and make guess judgements at someone who's having a bad day or who looks different, it is more than likely just to take a bit of attention from their own fucked up lives.

Kaos General

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Its because the staff hate everyone around here. They know full well thats the only job they can hope to achieve and are pissed off at the world because of it. Half of them cant even do their jobs properly anyway. They manage to somehow fuck up scanning something and they overfill bags so they split the second you get out the store. They are just so fucking useless.
They're just being douches who like to judge others so they can feel better about their sad lives working at tesco..

Tell them next time you point the finger I'll point you to the mirror...
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