fuck you

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    fuck you, you stupid bitch. When you complain, its okay but when I do it, I should shut up and worry about his feelings???!!! yeah he never worried about my feelings to abuse me....and you weren't singing the same tune when you were in my home...you fucking hypocrite...and you think that by throwing yourself around to any man who's interested in you doesn't make you a slut....you don't know what love is...and you are just like him...selfcentered, using people to your advantage...you are disgusting....

    if you think you're going to use me and then put me back in the cupboard like a doll...you are seriously mistaken....I'm never speaking to you again do you hear?

    asked me to look for apartments, and then when I wasted my time to do that, was told oh oops we found one but thanks....then you were supposed to pick me up so I could see the apartment, made me wait all day until in the evening you finally called to tell me you can't pick me up, but you picked up the boyfriend (who lives near me) and now this?

    fuck you, fuck you FUCK YOU!!!!!!! :blub: