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    fuck you, you ungrateful bitch. I'm here for you all the time, doing your errands, going to the bank, paying your bills, go visit you, bring you snacks and sodas. I let you stay at my place for a day or two during the weekend. I listen to your paranoia and your schizophrenia and this is how you treat me, you have no fucking respect for me.

    How dare you call me crazy like my dad, that you're going to call my psychiatrist and get me locked up in a mental hospital and that everyone knows I'm abusing you!! That men will have no respect for me, and will beat me up. And that no one would want to live with me.

    how dare you say those insults to your own daughter, the only one that gives a damn and sees you every week. Are my uncles helping you? NO, my grandma helping you? NO, any friends or other family members? NO. No one supports your crazy ass, and your conspiracies, my uncle never responds to your calls because you are a mean person who enjoys hurting others.

    Fuck you! You don't care, you will go home and forget everything while I sit here, steam and boil and cry for days...if I was dead everything would be so much better....not like anyone cares anymore...not even here...no one cares...no one replies...if no one bothers why should I bother....
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    I am so sorry you are being treated this way...sounds like your mother has her own issues; maybe she should not be counted on to judge who you are...I understand how very difficult it is to care for someone who seems so ingrateful (been there with my mother), but, I came to realize that she was a narrasistic crazy loon whose venom I could not take to heart...you know you are a giving and caring person...I hope you can hold on to that when your mother is being so mean
  3. morning rush

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    you know what hurts, no one cares. You're the only person that seem to care, you violet and w55. People whom I thought were my friends don't even bother to respond and I got blocked by someone for no reason. I'm here in pain and no one cares...
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    I know what it's like to be dismissed by "so-called" friends! Just the other night, I decided to text my best friend of around ten years or so (we've since drifted apart the past five years or so), inviting him to town, to hang out & do some of the things we always used to love doing: swim/tennis/pizza hut, etc. He never even bothered to return my note with a "Thanks, but not thanks!" And I know it's his current number as his brother and my sister are current friends & I had my sister double check for me! I guess we all just drift-away from one another eventually. But boy does it burn! Because you think to your self, if that was me & he reached out like that, the last thing I would do is to ignore him. No response is a response! So, just how much does he despise me? And when exactly was our proposed "falling-out?"

    By the way, I love your Poe quotation! Where did you find it? I adore his pen but cannot for the life of me recall what that line comes from? Thanks a ton and I hope my boring story could at least distract you from your situation for a minute!
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    I'm so sorry you're hurting, ((((((Morning))))))... And I'm sorry that I'm just now seeing your post. Please know that I do care, and as a fellow adult daughter of a paranoid schizophrenic mother, I relate to your frustration. Unlike you, I cut my mother out of my life long ago. But that pain, the awful things she said and did to hurt me, are still fresh in my memory, and have changed me in ways she will never understand. I am finally at a point in my life where I genuinely forgive her for what she's done, but I can't have her in my life. I give you all the credit in the world for being there for her, but please put yourself first, especially when she is being so mean and abusive. I know that you feel responsible, being the only family member who hasn't given up on her, but maybe it's time to take a break. If you ag00ree, let her know that you're taking some time for yourself and that she won't hear from you during this time. Your feelings are valid and you deserve better. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for those we love is to take care of ourselves. Hang in there, Sweetie, and know that you can PM me anytime. I'm only on for a couple of hours a day, but I promise to respond as soon as I get your message. Sending hugs and friendship...T :console:
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    If these so called friends treat you this way Morning Rush then they are not worth bothering about - just concentrate on Sadeyes & Violet & w55 & those who care about you - also don't worry if others block you as it is their loss not yours - tc xx
  7. Acy

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    I think Sadeyes has said what I would say...You know who and how you are (caring and giving). You obviously do a lot for your mother and her own problems are not allowing her to see how much you do. You do not need to take in and believe your mother's judgment of you. Perhaps if she were more well herself, she would not be so unkind...but since she is not being kind or realistic about you, please don't take her words to heart.

    Sometimes on the forums here, people read threads/posts but don't reply...Maybe they don't know what to say. Perhaps the situation we describe hits too close to home for them. Sometimes someone feels they have nothing they can add to what has been said already. Please know that people here do care about you. :hug: