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  1. avenueQ

    avenueQ Member

    i have felt mroe depressed than this in my life, but never so guilty, so upset, and so worried. i just came home from a party where i had a massive argument with my friend's mum cos she was extremely rude to me...(won't go into detail) but now i feel really guilty cos i think i upset my friend too. it was the worst night of my life, ALL my friends were making out and i felt so incredibly left out, i'm 17 and i've never even been with anyone in my life. i can't sleep cos i feel so guilty about shouting at my friend's mum and it was only me and her there and she pretended afterwards that she didn't say anything at all. i don't even know why i care so much, anything right now makes me worry til i'm literally sick. i feel so lonely right now. looking at how happy my friends were with their boyfriends just made me so jealous.
  2. _nu

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    hey, you didnt give many details but i think i understand at least a similar feeling. first you should remember that you were standing up for yourself. and it's hard to give up in an argument when you know that you're right. anyone can tell you that. the thing about arguments though is that they're very hard, if not impossible, to win because each person feels they need to justify themselves. your friend's mom probably couldn't tolerate the fact that she was arguing with someone who seemed so relatively young. my advice to you would be to apologize to her without justifying your actions. explain to her how she made you feel, and offer a solution (if there is one) to the issue that she would be able to agree with. if she cant agree with it, then continue to talk to her and come up with one together. if you attempt to do this, whether or not she can accept your apology, it should make you feel better because you did the right thing. also definitely apologize to your friend:wink:
  3. Anime-Zodiac

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    Well, it's obviously making you uncomfortable, so why not apologize and start on a clean slate again. As for your friends all having boyfriends, i'm sure you will find one, one day. It something I highly recommend that you don't rush unless your after a casual relationship.

    Hope things work out for you.
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