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  1. xan

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    FUCK...fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck....

    Alone again... my gf of 2 years just dumped me after sleeping with a guy she worked with last night who told her he loved her a while back... every girl I'm with tells me the same thing after about this long, "It's not special anymore" Whats wrong with me... I try to be as good as I can be for her.. I'm useless... pathetic for crying and crying and wanting so badly to end it all... why is it I can only live when I'm living for someone else? I hate all of this so so sos so much... I want to be sick, physically sick till I can't breath. I want to bash my face into the wall... I want to curl up and die so so much
  2. Vitreledonellidae

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    Aww Alex :hug: Yeah it reminds me a lot of how youre previous relationship ended, but im sure there is nothing wrong with you, youre young and unfortunately this happens with many relationships. I dont think what I say will make you feel any better. But im sure you will find someone else, who will live for you too, who you deserve and who deserves you. Sorry I suck at these things, so just a big hug :hug:
  3. A_pixie

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    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you!!! If she can cheat like that and not beg for forgieness there is something horribly wrong with her!!

    You remind me of me about a year ago, ykno. I read my earlier posts and cannot believe how I let somebody treat me all the while blaming myself. I think you've had bad luck with people.

    There's one thing to remember in life is that law of averages doesn't always apply. Just because one relationship was bad, doesn't mean the next one will be better. You have to be so careful what kind of people you allow in your life I learned that the VERY hard way....but whatever you do, remember that no matter how bad things get NONE of it is your fault.

    And because it is not your fault you can disassociate yourself from it because there is nothing to feel guilty over, She should be the one with the heavy conscience not you.

    Someone like yourself will come and recognise you as one of the good guys, because once people get hurt a few times they start to read people better, I hope she finds you soon.

    PM me if you want to talk

    All the best

  4. wunderwood

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    anyone who cheats is not worth your time. never ever ever. I'm sorry she didn't respect you and herself enough to be true to you. There are women who have never done that and never will (i'm one of them).

    you'll find the right one. but in the mean time i will send you huge hugs from a good one on the other side of the pond.
  5. andyc68

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    it has nothing to do with you, its their fault and problem that they couldn't remain faithful to you.
    i know it hurts right now but don't blame yourself or if you are in that stage then forgive yourself, you will soon be in the anger stage where you can then say ' fuck you ' and be able to move forward slowly.

    there are plenty of ladies out there who will treat you right, just wait and see.

    don't beat yourself up over this too much, you have done nothing wrong
  6. The_Discarded

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    eesh, that sucks.

    sorry :sad:


    there's nothing wrong with you btw. she's the unfaithful one.

    maybe you're... picking too quickly. shop around next time. by that i mean (no objectification), go a bit more slowly.

    for now, do for you...do for you for a while. the girls can wait. you're important too
  7. A_pixie

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    I agree with Andy, the anger stage will kick in and it's actually kinda fun when you get the determination to look better than ever, have more fun than ever etc

    I think Pink's latest song conveys it for me oddly enough
  8. xan

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    Thanks everyone... think it's going alright, still feel like my emotions are tumbling around inside me and I have no idea what's going to pop out.. it seems so unreal. Gonna get really lonely in the next few weeks :/....
  9. Petal

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    Hey xan, Im sorry to hear what your girlfriend has done to you. Theres nothing wrong with you, many relationships end this way. Why not enjoy being young,single and free for a while? and wait for the right one to come along :)

    Im here if you need to talk :hug;