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    A year ago I had a seizure. Severe back pain started. I thought it'd sort itself out, but it didn't. I had an MRI a week ago, I got the results today: there was a vertebral body fracture which has healed and can not be fixed.

    I am crippled for life.
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    I know words can't change anything. Just wanted you to know I read your post, and I'm sorry. :(
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    Im so sorry Steffen for your results. But dont give up hope.
    Our son had a accident in gym 4 years ago, he was 10. he did a forward roll and as he put his head down and CRACK noise happened. a couple of seconds passed and he had really bad pain in his back. His stupid frigging teacher, and the other head teacher, both who are trained first-aiders sat Billy up, and told him to sit on the bench at the side of the room. After 15 mins they put him on the school bus!!! all, I received a phone call, took him to our nearest hospital. Anyway, after being put on a spinal board, transfered to a larger hospital, spent a night of doing test and told he was so close as to be parralised because the teachers moved him! He had a T3 fracture.

    4 years on and he was still in pain, couldnt do p.e, couldnt ride a bike, couldnt play, complained alot of a sore back, couldnt always sleep because of the pain, sent home from school by matron i had enough.

    Anyway, we saw a specialist spinal pysio saw billy. well it was a true miricle. she did some bits of stretching and pulling and wow, it cracked, the muscle freed itself from the spine. ......hes just done 2 weeks work lambing!!
    so dont give up donnaxx:sheep2:
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    Not holding out much hope - I don't have soft tissue damage, the vertebra is permanently malformed. This might be fixable with surgery but it doesn't look especially likely (and my doctor doesn't think so). I might show some benefit from physiotherapy by strengthening the muscles and thus reducing the load carried by bone, but I don't expect much (and can't afford physiotherapy...)