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    Well I was planning on starting a thread to bitch about the usual crap in my life... shitty marriage, shitty weekend at work, shitty life, no friends, no money, stressful job, fighting with the wife, don't know if I'll ever be able to leave, don't know if I'll ever be with anyone else if I leave, blah blah blah... but then on top of all that, as I'm driving home from work after a long and miserable weekend, car in front of me suddenly swerves, runs over something and I see it fly up in the air and BAM... I hit the remnants of a blown semi truck tire. My front bumper is now demolished.

    Bad luck, huh? Oh, did I forget to mention that this is the SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME???

    FUCK!!!!! God hates me. I swear it.

    I don't have the money for a new bumper, and something tells me my insurance company is going to raise an eyebrow if I tell them the same story that happened last time.


    Why? Doesn't my life suck enough already??? What the fuck... why God, why? Why destroy the only good thing I have left? When I had a car that I hated, this shit never happened to me. Now that I have a car that I actually like, that I actually try to take care of, it just seems to be target practice for idiot drivers and road debris. I don't know why I bother. If this is what happens when I have something I like, then maybe it's for the best that I hate my life. Because the more I like something, the more shit life seems to fling at it.
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    To hell with the insurance company and what they think - tell them to take a picture or whatever they do and pay and move on

    Bad luck? More like poor road maintenance - nothing new there.

    God hates you? If I believed in him/her I would likely feel the same.

    Not more shit going at things you like than other things- just you don't care about the other things therefore don't notice the shit life throws at it.
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    Thanks for the reply...

    ... problem is, this will be my 3rd insurance claim in the past year. One previous for a cracked windshield due to a rock or something kicked up by a car, and another for the exact same thing that just happened to me - a rogue blown truck tire.

    I would blame poor road maintenance except that this tire was fresh... I'm pretty sure it had just come off the truck minutes before I hit it, as there was a truck pulled off on the side of the road up ahead with its hazard lights on. I should've stopped to get the name of his company so that I could have them pay for it, but I was hoping there wasn't any damage...

    I'm actually an agnostic, but sometimes it seems as though the universe itself is against me, to the extent that it doesn't exactly seem random anymore...

    You may be right about the last part, though. I'm already used to putting up with shit in every other aspect of my life. But now I'm even losing control over the things I have control over. I've managed to avoid a million car accidents with defensive driving, but I seem to be at the mercy of low-lying, asphalt-colored objects that seem to come up out of nowhere like a steel radial cobra coiled and waiting for just the right moment to strike at my car. Or like the seemingly invisible pebble that flew up and cracked my windshield one cold, foggy morning (on the day before Halloween, no less)... I've always been a good driver... and yet now even my car is being assaulted by road phantoms.

    Am now sitting at home waiting for an insurance adjuster to call me back. I have shit I need to do, but I don't want to miss this call... plus I'm unsure of just how bad the damage to my car really is... it only appears to be cosmetic, but without taking it in for an inspection, I could have all sorts of internal and undercarriage damage that I don't know about.