Fucked up

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    Do you ACTUALLY give a shit about her?? Don't want anything to happen in your Mum's house eh? So it's not that you don't want her to hurt herself, it's just that you don't want her to do it here?! How very........parental of you!!! :mad:
    Believe it or not..I LOVE her, and I'm not going to let her do anything. But you don't believe that do you? You really think I'm going to sit and let her harm herself? Well then you don't know anything about me or love do you. I'm doing this to keep her safe, and you're really NOT helping :mad:


    I'm sitting here looking at myself.
    Fat cow
    Thinking of all the reasons why I hate myself.
    Fat cow
    Too many to go into :(
    Unless you have a year
    I know she's in a mood with me.
    I'm fucked up.
    I can tell.
    Fat cow
    I'm doing all of this because I CARE.
    Hurt yourself
    I wish she could see that.
    You know you should
    I'm sick of all the fights and moods.
    Fuck off.
    Why the fuck wont my head stop???
    Paranoid bitch
    What's wrong with me?
    Hahahahaha, what ISN'T wrong with you?
    I've had enough
    No, keep pushing yourself
    Want to just disappear.
    Do it
    I'm trying so hard to hold on for her
    Why? She'd be better off without you anyway
    And it seems like it's pointless
    Go do it bitch