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  1. Octsia

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    It's still all I hear.

    School's been crap. I'm trying to get everyone to ignore me, but I keep lashing out at people and I don't know why. All the pressure the teachers are already pressing about getting good grades is stressing me out. I'm trying so hard, I just can't focus, I feel like I'm going to faint whenever I just try to do basic math. Probably because I've been sleeping less than four hours a night, and I haven't eaten anything in days. Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy...

    Just wake me up when September ends. I need to rest ;_;
  2. total eclipse

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    hun try to eat okay brain cannot work if it is not fed right hugs to you
  3. Illusion

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    Try getting more rest at night & eating. That'll help. Also see a counselor if you need to in order to release steam so you don't lash out as bad at others. I've been in the same position you're in. Everyone telling me I'm capable of being a straight A student... Everyone reminding me daily of how fat, ugly & homely I dressed. Don't keep going on like this cause it'll eventually lead to a breakdown like the one I had. Take care of yourself & don't let all the stress drive you to far down a bad path. :hug:

    LIOKRIS Active Member

    I know how u feels , I also felt the same way when I was in school but I will tell you one good advice for the future .
    Life gets harder and worse after school.
    So what are u dealing is nothing to compare with what u will have to deal with in the future.
    I might repeat this but U really need to eat, no matter are you hungry or not.
    And if u can't sleep at night try with sleeping pills.
    And think positive .
    When I was at school I wished school days to be over now I want my school days back...
  5. Jelly

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    Life sure is hard, please try to eat. Things get better. <3
  6. Courtz

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    I left school because of the immense pressure i was under. Not just from teachers but my parents. I have always been compared to my bright beautiful cousin. People are different and they cope differently under pressure. Its not healthy to not eat. Eating helps your concertration. when i was in school i had insomnia and i found it impossible to focus, so i went to the doctor and he gave me some tablets. I was also bullied pretty much everyday of my school life from 11-18. I have now realised that it shouldnt matter what other people think. People only bully others because they are insecure about themselves. Once you realise that everyone is flawed its easier to cope with. There is no Mr and Mrs Perfect in life. School is a nightmare for everyone but school is also the most important thing you do in life. I didnt get great grades, i retook my maths twice. Try studying at your own pace not others or you will not fully take it in. Don't be afraid to ask for help :) xx
  7. Octsia

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    That brightens my day. My life will get yet more shitty.
  8. Courtz

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    You're life wont get more shitty. From my own experience, life is definately harder when you're older but it comes with lots more rewards. In this life you don't get stuff without making some sacrifices or working for it. In the last year i've had to be independent but i've worked my arse off to make my life great. I've got a lovely boyfriend and i feel more satisfied with myself because i've worked for what i have. what you want wont be given to you on a silver platter. You'll be proud of what you've accomplished.:mhmm: