Fuking sick of this sh!t

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    im so sick of this fucking shit, i dont wanna talk to anyone, i have such a fucking headache, same damn headache ive had for like 2 months...and no one gives a rats ass theyre all 'take a pill and suck it up' well i cant suck it up anymore, my head fucking kills so much that im dizzy. i dont even know whats wrong with me, i dont even want to know but the goddamn thing hurts so bad that id rather fucking give up and die then have another day of this shit! im so fucking sick of this shit and no one cares...my grandparents and family think im full of it. I still got pain in my leg but 'oh its just ive been sitting too long' well i know that to be bullshit, still got pain in my back 'get up and move youll be fine' thats fucking bullshit too. its debilating and they DONT FUCKING CARE! im fucking sick of the fucking pain!
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    I'm sorry you're still in pain hun..are you able to see a doctor asap? :hug:
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    I was in ER christmas morning...they totally ignored my headache told me to take tylenol but that doesnt do shit 4 me....no med helps...not even the morphine they gave me

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    its like having 3 different headaches at the same time...left temple, right side, right back...in varying degrees. :cry:

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    now left back/side of head omg :cry:
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    perhaps go back and tell them meds not helping..
    they need to take you seriously.

    I'm no expert but my headaches come from my sinuses and this is a different med than a headache pill
    worth having yours checked out. :hug: