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    So, my mental health worker calls on friday leaving a message to contact her. Finally after leaving her a message in November!! I had to miss theNov. appt. but told her to call me during my appt. time and we would atleast talk because I needed some help desperately. She never called. I return her today and tell her of my attempts and the horrible events ( what I can remember of them) from friday night. I tell her that I've had it. No more anything. No more leaving the house and that I just want to be alone when I die. Can't deal with anything anymore. Take me off her patient list. She says I'm booking you for the 23rd. And if I can't make it that we can atleast talk during my appt time. WTF!!!! Things just always seem to come full circle. Does she really think that I'm that stupid? Once bitten twice shy!!!!
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    I think you should find a new psychiatrist itmahanh. She clearly doesn't care about you that much or else she would make more time to see someone in your situation. I'm still here for you though hun.
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    You know how people tell you to listen to your heart or gut? Well I'm going to from here on out. Instead, today I decided to listen to that teeny weeny voice inside that says "you're worth it and try to keep living." I went to the appt. today. Spilled about everything even the gun. What did she say? "Well, looks like things are pretty hopeless and wish I could help you find the right method but I wouldn't want to lose my license to practice" then gave a little chuckle. Even the professionals know I'm a lost cause. Then she says so how does February 13th sound?" She didn't hear a word I said cuz I told her that's it, no more hanging on for nothing. Don't need another f*cking appt. Thanks once again for nothing!! Never never again listen to that teeny weeny little voice cuz even it's getting a good laugh at my expense..
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    wow that psychiatrist should change her job
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    I know that a lot of so called doctors are in practice just to get rich, but they don't have to be so damn obvious about it. Doctors are good at fixing the body. They suck at healing the mind.
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    I am not in your position and won't ever claim to be; but I can't say I wouldn't feel exactly the same way. You don't deserve to be let down over and over again, and its not fair (in my opinion) to try and try only to be laughed at or brushed off. I am here if you ever need anything- I'd hold your hand through everything if it were possible. :hug:
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    dont know, wehat she said hit home have been bad ever since appt but thought over last couple of days and want to end the hurt from everyone. havent cut but gonna now and whatever happens from then out happens toomuch too keep fighting no more help for me and really see now there never was. she actuallly was good inthat she made me open myeyes.