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    Suicide Forum is a privately funded peer support site dedicated to proving a safe place for people in crisis to talk about their feelings, seek support and find people who understand the difficulties they face every day. Since 2004 SF has given tens of thousands of people a place to 'belong' - to feel understood and supported, to seek friendships and express themselves in a safe environment.

    We keep the forum free of adverts at all times to keep the focus on helping each other. SF is completely funded by a very small handful of members who donate each month to the monthly server costs, bandwidth and chat license.

    With the internet changing all the time, and over a decade since SF was founded, we have been long overdue some important upgrades to make sure that people can still find us when they are in crisis and get the support they often desperately need.

    We have moved to a secure server and with Java slowly dying, we need to upgrade our chat and forum software to bring SF up to date and make sure that we can keep helping everyone who needs us. We want to modernise SF to make it easier to find and more user friendly, possibly adding features such as member blogs and a place to share videos and links with other members.

    We know that many people have been concerned that donating by Paypal will have Suicide Forum show on their bank or credit/debit card statements. To solve this we have set up a Go Fund Me HERE so if people are able to help with a small donation there will be no mention of Suicide Forum on their bank statement or Paypal account.

    With over 1800 active members, the smallest donations can add up to a HUGE difference for SF. We know that many people are on a limited fixed income and perhaps feel embarrassed to offer a couple of dollars, but EVERY little helps. If every active member donated just 37 cents, we would have the extra funds we need to update SF.

    The forum will remain regardless - the regular monthly fees will continue to be covered one way or another - but the extra needed for these important upgrades are not something we can ask our small number of regular donors to cover on top of their normal contributions.

    If ANYONE can spare even a couple of dollars the money will go directly to upgrading SF so we can help thousands more people over the coming months and years.

    Our community is amazing. Our members are amazing. We thank everyone who contributes to making SF what it is

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    Want to keep the donation anonymous? Or do you want to let us know that you donated so we can send a thank you?

    When you click on the "Donate Now" at the top of GoFundMe page it will bring up a box with First name , Last name email, country, and zip code.


    You can fill any information on this page you like. select an amount to donate (FYI- GoFundMe will convert to dollars automatically for you) fill in with any name you like, and fill in any comments you like. Check the box under the name to keep it anonymous or leave unchecked if you want us to know who donated. If you want a receipt for the donation use a real email address.


    When you click continue it will bring up actual payment information. This is only seen/used by GoFundMe secure servers, we do not get card numbers or information. Change the name to the actual name on your credit or debit card , make sure to use real country and postal code for the card and continue to process the donation.


    If you prefer, you can also donate by Paypal as always and we can manually adjust the Goal on the GoFundMe, Click to Donate by PayPal
    Leave a note in Paypal payment if you like to let us know it is to be used for upgrades.

    If you have any other questions please reply here or feel free to PM me directly, or post your question in the Letters to Management.

    Thank You !!
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    Bumping this thread so more people will view it. All donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you guys are amazing. We are near the target! Let's keep going!!
  4. flowers

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    for reasons ist best to not go into, my bank has asked me not to use paypal. Sorry
  5. Petal

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    Hello flowers, you do not have to use paypal to donate to the go fund me we have set up! If you cannot donate that's perfectly fine too, no one is expected to, thanks :)
  6. JmpMster

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    While donating or not is entirely up to the individual , that is reason we set up the GoFundMe was to offer more options on how to donate than just Paypal. You can donate with any Visa or MasterCard (or or bank debit card), and it offers an option that does not say "Suicide forum" on the bank or credit card statement through the GoFundMe site.

    We have now raised $571 of the $650 we estimate the total cost of upgrades to be and to cover installation of them and site hosting fees for a couple months while they are tested and rolled out. Only $79 left so if anybody has a spare $5 or $10 they can donate it will go a long way towards finishing our goal. Thanks to all that contribute in any way to SF, either by donations or supporting other members.
  7. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Thank you for this information. The last time I donated to sf I used paypal and my card got hacked. This happened to me before with paypal and a different card. The bank teller and bank officer both suggested I never use paypal again. I will donate the way you recommended.
  8. Petal

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    Thank you flowers for your donation. My mum donated yesterday which made me happy, we're now at 751 raised :)