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funeral day


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Ok so today is my uncles funeral. Im nervous and dont know why. My uncle, my dads sisters husband, has been around all my life. We werent all that close buf now he has gone it is really strange seeing my auntie without him. He used to tickle me all the time when i was growing up. The past year or so he developed breathing problem and ended up on oxygen, this is what he died of, the same day of the japan earthquake. I watched the news that day trying to get things into perspective. My auntie found him on the couch when she got up in the morning. She called 999 and then my mum. When we got there he was still laid on the couch. I didnt see much but enough to lock into my memory, and to be the way i remember him, which i hate. Since then i have been thinking abojt how horrid ot must be to find the body of someone you love. Im petrified of finding marc, my bf in the same way. I dont think i could handle it. We are almost ready to set off. A very sad day x


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thank you for sharing, it must be hard to share especialy since its recent, from this reason alone i think your a strong women, if you are a christian like i am, i belive hes in a better place, maybe hes time has come. theres not much we can do about it but for you to carry on what he stood up for and what he valued most. dont mourn but celebrate his life. instead of the bad memories, replace them with the good, the way he tickled you, the way he maed you laugh, the way he loved you. thats what matters. do not look at the negatives but the positives, the life you have ahead of you is gonna be filled with greatness and happiness, remember that ;)

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