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Funeral Plans?

I can't decide whether I want to be buried with my mum - I paid for 'space' for me in her grave when she died 11 years ago or whether it would be easier for me dad to just go for a cremation since my dad has such poor mobility I'm not sure he's capable of making it to the cemetery, he doesn't visit mums grave as he can barely walk, a cremation would be easier for him.

I was close to my mum, but I'm not sure it feels that important to be buried with her anymore, I'm sure we'll be reunited when I'm no longer here so is the kind of funeral I have important? I mean what does it really matter, I want to die just to have some peace and end the torment inside my head.

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I understand the feeling person, and those thoughts spinning around really do suck... I know. In a way, you're being practical and realistic both out of pain and love. But those things, the one's you really can't control, just aren't worth simmering on because they will eat you away. I know, you probably can't help it from time to time, I can't either.

Try to hold close the things you should, let go of the things you shouldn't, and be wise enough to learn which one's are which. Maybe that will help in time? Peace


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I understand just wanting to end the torment inside your head, I have days when I feel the same way. I have made a conscious decision not to end my life but to let it end naturally. You might want to think about how it will affect you dad to have your remains in an urn somewhere in his house, a constant reminder of how you died. I would opt for cremation and then burial beside your mother. I find ways to make life worth living. I am trying a new recipe tomorrow, I indulge in things that make me feel good like cigars and a double of whiskey, I call my siblings and talk to them, I have one good friend that is my roommate. We are doing a roadtrip this afternoon and then a meal at a restaurant. It is important to have a good psychiatrist that can ease your mental burden somewhat and therapy helped me a lot too. I hope that you axhaust all levels of help and encouragement before you end your life.
Hi Ms. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I also responded to your other thread and I know you're in crisis. Death isn't the only way to find peace. I hope you can see this post. Please reconsider. Sending hugs *hug10.

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