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    ugh and ugh and uuuuuuuugh. i am so super frustrated right now it's beyond me.
    i have a terrible trust issue problem with like, 99% of humanity and it takes very little for me to just shatter all the trust i had in someone and that's exactly what's happening right now.
    i live in an apartment on my own, trying to make ends meet really hard, with rent, with bills, with everything. this past month my best friend needed a place to live, so she moved in with me. we decided to share the rent and bills because i needed to invest some money in something else, so it was a good deal for both of us. now she moved out a week ago and is still waiting to get her paycheck so she can cover her part, and in the meantime i already invested the money in what i was planning on to. so i texted her yesterday to just see how she is doing and she totally ignored it. she is supposed to come today pick some stuff up after work. and i am just freaking out, what if this is just another ignorant motherfucker that's just gonna ghost out and storm off? what if i end up getting evicted? don't get me wrong i feel like a huge part of this is all in my head but it is starting to spin out of control. she literally has not mentioned anything about it. i am supposed to clean out bills and rent on monday and it is getting fucking frustrating because i never expected her to be so inconsiderate, especially knowing how much i work to keep this place and make it home. i am super irritated! im supposed to call her in like an hour and a half or so and i am going to go crazy!!!!! :(
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    Hey D

    Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time with your best friend. Can you talk to rent people and see if they can work out some kind of arrangement with you?
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    Why did she ignore the txt? Do you know for sure she just ignored it, or could there be a possible explanation why she has not been in touch? How do you know you are supposed to call her in 90 mins time if there has been no contact?

    Try to remember not to judge others by your own standards. What is inconsiderate to you might be perfectly acceptable behaviour to someone else.
  4. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    so what happened with your BFF?
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    I am not judging her by my own standards, this has been going on for a while.. we finally spoke and she apologized telling me she is going to solve it.. but here I am still waiting to see where this will go.
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    I hope that everything gets sorted for you. Sounds like you lead a pretty interesting life! Maybe just try to keep your cool and give your friend the space to do the right thing.