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Hello everyone. I would be interested to hear your opinions on this idea of mine (FUSEnet). The idea is a website that FUSEs together the concepts of forums, chat rooms and search engines (an other stuff). So, what can people do on fusenet? Well, say you want to discuss a particular topic with someone on the net like "My rabbit is ill" or "Has anyone seen [some] film?". You could post that topic to FUSEnet (maybe with an initial message) and it will become visible to the other users. They can then search for active topics that they want to talk about and "join" topics that seem suitable.

So, if someone searches for "My rabbit has recovered!" the search engine will "intelligently" find and show them the "My rabbit is ill" topic, which they can join. Once someone has joined a topic they can exchange messages with others in that topic area like on a forum. Except the site will use an AJAX type of approach so replies will become visible as soon as they're posted (thus fusing the immediacy of a chat room for topics where several users are online simultaneously). As the number of users grew there would tend to be an increasingly diverse range of active topics available over time.

Does anyone think this idea sounds worth a try? Your opinions would be appriciated.

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