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  1. (inspired by Tears of Crimson - thank you for the muse)

    * * *

    seemingly ~
    Lost in the battle
    to find order and sense
    merely stumbling upon challenge
    and end
    Struggling with sight
    to find a beginning
    Lost is the gift
    of imagining
    Small moments of fruition
    swallowed by enveloping chaos
    in the eternity of so much loss
    Though time is short within this life,
    some are beset by endless plight,
    to whom Hope is the moth
    drawn to the flame,
    singeing its supple, delicate wings,
    so forced to stay away
    and deny the instinct for living...

  2. Re: Futillity

    :cry: nice
  3. You're so sarcastic

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.