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Future Friend? Perhaps.

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hello everyone. i'll make this short & to the point. my name is amber. i am 20-years-young. :biggrin: i joined this site because it seems as if i might be able to find people 'like me.' perhaps - friends who will better understand my mood swings, my frustration over nothing, & my depression. [i seem to have outrageous highs & extreme lows; never anything in between]. maybe - and this is moreso my goal - i will find someone who can understand me; help me to better understand myself. i have many friends, but they don't get me. please, for whatever reason, don't hesitate to IM me: MischievousBaBie, or E-Mail me: Mischievous_BaBie@yahoo.com or Oceangurl_85@yahoo.com. tell me about yourself or tell me about your frustrations. i want to be able to relate to someone, b/c most of the time i feel so alone. i feel like i'm the only one who considers death as life's only road to happiness. i have attempted suicide before, which landed me in the psycho ward for a week. and, i have O.D. on sleep pills to ease the hurt i can't cure. i'm awful with relationships, and constantly target my boyfriend as the receiver of my insanity. i've been through a lot, so - believe it or not, i can offer semi-decent advice. that's really all i have to say. i'll be posting quite a bit on here. hope i get to know some people better. <3


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Welcome to the forum.:smile: I hope you find what you seek here: loving, caring friends who understand how you may be feeling and can offer compassion and empathy. I think you'll like it here. I found a lot of caring friends here and it's a safe haven for me to come to when the world is too much to stand. I hope you find it the same. Again, welcome!!:smile: :smile:



Hi amber,

I wouldn't consider death a road to happiness. For me, it will be a road to peace and rest. Be somewhat careful of how you express yourself on the forums though because this is a "pro-life" forum...that's why I'm under moderation because I wasn't so cautious and didn't jive with the unwritten rules.

I could try to be your friend, but only if you don't mind a friend who will not live very long. Most people do, which is understandable because it's better for your health to surround yourself with people who are really into being alive. I'm still intensely interested in and knowledgable of many being-alive-related things though. Especially complex things, like people. I'm abnormal though. I'm especially good for talking about (because I'm mostly interested in):

Identity, multiple realities, pscychology
History, the development of civilization
The Future
Informatics, theories and structure of information
Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality
Deep Politics
Warfare and Strategy
Candy (that's right, candy)


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hi, im bunny :smile: im almost 20 myself, there are some very nice people here, ive made many good friends, and i hope to get to know you better

ive added you to my AIM :smile: my sn is bunnykins26, feel free to add me and chat any time :hug: (im a bit shy so i might not start a chat, doesnt mean i wont want to talk tho :wink: ) if you ever need someove to talk to and im not online just drop me a PM here and ill reply asap

take care :hug:
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Hello Amber...... how are you doing? I saw your post about what happend, and I am sorry that must be painful....I would never be able to go thru something like that. I would like to welcome you to Suicide Forum.....it's a great place with really great/caring people. I am sure you will make loads of friends here.

About me: I am 20 and going thru a divorce, I am living in Kansas USA, I go to a day center affiliated with Area Mental health, I am a surviver of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional and verbal abuse. I had a bad childhood obviously,I have Fibromyalgia, ulcers, IBS, migraines...Borderline personality disorder, Major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, ADD, Eating disorder, OCD tendencies . I am interested in: Mental recovery, Animals, Self-help books, I collect indian crafts, Crosses, Betty Boop, Photography, I like music mostly Rock, Classic rock, Metal(sometimes) and some country, I am not into rap...I like old movies....Thin man movies, Miss marple movies, Carey Grant movies, Sherlock Holmes, I like I love lucy, Law and order SVU, CSI, Crossing Jordan........(I love SF!!)

If there's anything else you'd like to know just ask me...If you are looking for friends I'll be your friend if you care to be friends.....I'm always up for more friends...If you ever need to talk you can PM me or message me on MSN or Yahoo.....MSN: painNsiolence@hotmail.com and Yahoo: tha_cross_woman@yahoo.com

Take Care of yourself, I hope to see you around soon......:hug: :hug: :hiya: :flowers:

~With care,


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Welcome, I've definitely gone through the similar. Oding and pills, and being that way with relationships are definite parts of my past. I'm sure you'll find many friends here.
Hello there and :welcome: to SF. You have come to a great place to find the things you mentioned you are looking for. I hope to see you around the site and perhaps get the chance to talk with you in chat. Take care. We will see you around. :)
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