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    I haven't been on this website in months, but I just feel like crying and bitching. I can't even form a coherent paragraph right now.

    Nine days ago, I had to get both my canines removed because they were impacted and have two holes cut into the roof of my mouth. I'm scared to death of doctors/being operated on/etc, but I made it through. I was in terrible pain and I had stitches in my gums, but I made it through and I was proud of myself.

    Two days ago, I finally worked up the courage to eat real food and the packing in the left hole of my mouth fell out. Next day, I was in the dentist's office again having the bone in my mouth re-exposed again and packaged, AGAIN. This what about 20x worse than the original operation.

    I just sneezed and guess what fell out

    On top of all the physical pain, I guess I've got some emotional too. The two missing teeth and stitches just make me feel ugly and disgusting. I look like I wandered off the set of a Deliverance remake. The lack of teeth has also given me a lisp that my peers don't miss a chance to mock.

    Drama with bio family. Drama with friends. Prozac no worky. Ughhh

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    I feel like all of this isl kicking my paranoia and anxiety into high gear. Why do they keep falling out? Simple answer: the dentists designed them to fall out. They're all fucking sadists just looking for the smallest opportunity to cut me open. Why the hell do I even need holes in the roof of my mouth? I don't see a reason. Because their isn't one.

    I'm not getting back in that chair. Fuck dentists.
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    Hi Mel,

    Sorry the operations have put you in so much pain, both physically and emotionally. I wish you all the relief there is to alleviate much of this suffering, and I despise the way your peers are treating you. What a shame that they can't be more considerate....maybe they will get into trouble for this. :( On another important note, please keep us updated about how you're doing, and thanks so much for checking in....I really hope things pick up soon. Offering you a big, warm welcome-back hug....you take care. :hug:

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    Can you try going to a different dentist?