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Where the hell is my money going?! I swear I have a 'good job' a 'good degree' and still I'm like $7000 in debt and constantly live on paycheck to paycheck. Just as soon as I get to where I can put a lil in savings something comes along and that savings goes back to nothing.

This is supposed to be the good times of my life. And I can only sit at home and cry cuz of the money. Then I go to the job I hate so much and pretend I'm not slowly seeing my money go away everyday. I pretend that because that I got a good job that I can afford living.

My family thinks it's my fault that I have no savings. It isn't! I haven't done anything. My debt is from living expenses for when I was jobless. And now it's like this black hole that eats up all of my money.

...*sighs* I hate getting these collection calls. Calls telling me I will end up with my stuff cut off if I continue to be late.

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ah hun can you call a credit consultant to see if all your bills can be put into one hun that way you can see every month more clearly what is going out and also they can decrease the amt you have to pay out every month talk to someone okay so the calls stop and you get your debt under control hugs


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If you are really confused, try making a spreadsheet or just a list on paper of where it all goes, separated into things from the past, house expenses etc. It may help you see a way forward.

Not sure how it works where you are but in UK its a good idea not to just make minimum payments every month as you may be paying interest.
Yeah what total eclipse said might be good for you - I think they often call it "debt consolidation", you can find a local place by googling that - then you don't have to worry about all the random calls or stuff being cut off because it's just one person you owe, and the weekly or monthly payment will be lower than the total amount of stuff that you are trying to juggle now. You'll end up paying a bit more in the long run because of interest, but it is SO much less stressful.

Also I think they let you take a loan that is a bit BIGGER than the total amount of outstanding debts, so you are covered for "current" bills that aren't considered to be debts yet.

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