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Gabapentin ( Neurontin )



Has anyone taken Gabapentin ? ( generic form of Neurontin ). It's an anti-convulsant that my Dr. has prescribed for my anxiety. I just started on it today. I take three 100mg pills through the day. Thanks.


I was on this for awhile.. it really didnt effect me negatively or postively that I can say for sure.. I was on the same dose as you.. I hope that it helps you.


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I may be way off here but I'm pretty sure my grandad was prescribed this to try to stop him having seizures... ?


Okay, I just looked it up and it seems likely I'm right. Apparently it makes him very drowsy, particularly when combined with alcohol.

How he would have a clue what it's like without alcohol I haven't the faintest idea! :laugh:
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This drug is used as a pain killer as well as anti-convulsant. I've known several patients be on it. I also know the dose can go up a lot higher than what your on.

i hope it has the desired affect for you.


yeah the dosage can go up higher.. I was on 600mg at one point but that didnt last long enough to know if it was helping or not.

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