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    im big with food. i love to cook, but hate to eat. when i do eat, its like giving in. not thinking about everything that im eating. cancer, risk of disease, sanitation, calories, etc. i would be a dietitian if i could stand school. but finances and people upset me. i could never trust a teacher, school, or loan, to the extent of achieving a bachelors degree. i pay with cash. now that people are turning against pepsi, and retaliating against processed foods. a lot of dietitians are claiming sugar causes depression and anxiety. glucose and fructose are stimuli for energy, but processed sugar such as pepsi uses as 'HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP' is unhealthy. now im seeing all these claims of foods to keep you young, and foods to lose weight. foods to give you energy, and foods to gain muscle. its depressing. i miss when food was simple, and was just food. when i could eat a hot dog, and just play extra hard to be healthy. now i eat a hot dog and i increase my risk for cancer by 00.0001% (fictional percent for dramatics) Ive read documents such as "Pottengers Cats" online, and then read disclaimers. claims that process foods change our evolution. eventually well all be sterile, with low immune systems, defective organs and health conditions. well be dependent on medication, medical services, and processed foods. the three leading careers right now... because our bodies will have devolved so that we can no longer cure, but only treat issues. children will be born fat, and premature, if not aborted. im so sick of nothing being official anymore. only way to make it official, is to spend money. more publicity, more research. money buys respect. i dont even see why we have a food and drug administration. they said cigarettes were okay, letting people smoke around other people. then we all got cancer... they said pepsi was okay, and served it in school vending machines and restaurants. now they say it causes cancer... im told tooth paste is good for you, even though it uses fluoride. Im told if i eat raw food Ill be safe and healthy like god wanted. Then Im told ill get salmonella, because farmers and importers are to corporate to hand pick, and use machines which grind rodents and bugs in with my food. only way to prevent salmonella is to cook food. cooking food is processing food. processing food is bad...

    all lies.
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    Yep, it's all lies. the truth is, your BRAIN knows what you need and what is good for you. Unless you have an honest to goodness eating disorder, you should trust what you brain tells you, trust your cravings.
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    When i try to explain ppl those things you said they think i'm a wierd guy or something. I eat only once a day, mainly fresh vegetables and fruits. Most of them are from my garden so they are still pretty much natural. I don't spend much calories so i don't have to eat much.
    Well, to be honest thats the only thing where i am proud of myself and feel superior to other ppl, i feel sorry for them actually:rolleyes: Being sick is not natural it comes from food.
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    I really think you should take a nutrition class. I did and learned all the great nutrients we get from our foods, even the processed ones. While they aren't as healthy as natural foods they still provide a lot of nutrients. And besides "processed" isn't always so bad, sometimes we use the technology to breed plants with the highest amount of nutrients possible and things like that. MANY of our foods are enriched with nutrients to get rid of malnutrition diseases like scurvy. Yes there are things like tobacco and fast food that are not healthy but many people have devoted their lives trying to find healthier ways of living for us all. Its not all bad, we all hear the bad in the media and that but look for the good. there is a lot out there.
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    Tell that to a sugar addict.

    We're all going to die, and can only control so much of what we eat unless we grow it ourselves. One thing's for certain: you'll die a heck of a lot quicker by not eating than eating food that's allegedly riddled with cancer.

    If you're that concerned, try buying locally grown food and free range meat.