gah animals!!!

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    Oh don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE animals :biggrin:
    My parents have a lovely dog, a Jack Russel Terrier and I absolutely love the little man,
    and over here in the student home we currently have 2 cats (one of which is actually me and my friends' cat), 2 rabbits (one of which possibly pregnant), 2 rats and 2 mice.

    I love them all, and well of course I have my favorites (being my cat, Madeleine and the little rabbit, Meneer Koekepeer)

    But Sometimes GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH :mad:

    Like for example, the other day I was the only one at home during the day and that's just great, as I had to feed all the animals, well no problem. But it's bloody annoying if Madeleine and the other cat can't always get along very well, which results in quite the (literal) catfights, so me wanting to be the heroine, jumping in between ends up with scratches all over my legs, and being all wrapped up in calming down the other cat, Madeleine slips into my housemate's bedroom where the rats and the mice are. She's sitting there looking at the mice so I jump in there and can grab her away just before she starts clawing to the cage with the mice. So who ends up with another bunch of scratches, yes me.

    So yeh then I let Madeleine out and before I went to bed I opened the door whistling and clapping in my hands (she always comes when I do that) and she doesn't come. Which is great :rolleyes: Seeing as we have to actually open the door to let the cat in. Well I couldn't leave the door open, as the other cat would sneak out then and she's not allowed outside because she most likely will NOT come back. So there I was. Tired, wanting to go to bed, but couldn't because the fucking cat refused to come inside. So I wait up for a bit and after a little while the cat comes sitting at the window looking at me so I'm like good come in and I open the door and the bloody cat just sits there staring at me like "Muwhaha you open that door, I'm not coming in muwhaha!"

    Eventually I had to make a whole path of catfood to get her in! :blink:

    so yeh that was it as for the cats

    on to the little rabbit. He's quite the man. Meneer Koekepeer. He's so lovely. he's like 5 months old now and the other day I decided to be sweet and I sat on the couch with him on my lap/chest. I wish I hadnt. The little monster decided it'd be nice to bite in my breast! :eek:hmy: it went through my shirt :eek:hmy: so yeh up until tonight my legs were full of catscratches and my breast had the mark of feckin rabbit teeth.

    and now as I started writing this post, I'm sitting in my bed with my laptop on my lap and the cat is laying between my arms, between my chest and my laptop. Gosh .. guess what, she likes to stretch herself, no problem, what she doesnt realize is that I have breasts and that it's pretty hurtfull when she puts her feckin claw into my breast during the process of stretching herself. She bloody does that every fecking time!! :eek:hmy: I'm telling you, she's I dont know what it is.. but she's.. she's obsessed with my breasts or something :eek:hmy:

    gosh that's it for the animal rant.. lol sorry for that.

    Don't get me wrong, I DO love animal, I just don't like the fact that now my legs are full of scratches cos I jumped in between the catfight, my right arm is full of catscratches cos I tried to save the mice, my left breast has a nice mark of the rabbit cos he apparently likes to bite breasts, and my right breast has marks of Madeleine's claws. That's what I DON'T like about animals :laugh: