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GAH! Rant

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i am not sure why, but it just seems people are like pushing me away from what i dont need sheltering from.. i am old enough to know what i am doing... i am sorry to those who cant understand that... its weird, and right now i want to cry and i dont know why... maybe its because i am not feeling so well, but its always a possiblity right?

screw that, i just want to cry because maybe it would release the tension i feel so much right now. i dont know what more i can do really, what more i can do to stop what i am feeling. I have so much feeling right now, it would be nice to numb the feeling, and just be like whoa, i cant feel a thing... would be a nice feeling. i am just unsure right now what is happening around me, it seems the world is moving around me, and i cant seem to move with it. its not that i dont want to move, its just seems it not letting me and i am stuck in this one spot for the rest of my life...

Wondering how to move forward. i dont know really, its just weird and now, so much going for my life, a wonderful guy (not sure how long he will stick around really), and well i dont know, i like him alot, and i do want to be with him, but it just seems its doomed either way i look at it, and i have been getting ahead in my thoughts and my thoughts are nothing new, think of what it would be like to be with him for the rest of your life, and imagine that its real, and than wake up and realize, he hasnt actually asked you out yet making it seem like its more impossible to make it more forward on in this life time.

its not easy as i want it to be... i feel so alone, and i hate that feeling.. its one i like the most, but hate the most... its like tell me the end is near just so i dont have to feel so alone... gah, what am i talking about really... what more can i do...

well anyways sorry to waste your time... i dont mean too... just needed to rant it out...
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