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Gah! so pissed at another forum

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Y'know, I posted around to try and get some help, and I found another forum like a psych forum for mental health support. I posted the same thing there I posted here in the sf, and all I got was one reply.

Here I am, awake at midnight because I'm not feeling well, and that one reply consists of some bitch calling me a stalker. Showing no sympathy for me, telling me who I am and that I need loads of help.

I'm sorry but I don't think I'm a "stalker" yeah I can get obsessed with people extremely easily, but it's not the kind of obsession people fear. It's more of a I write your name all over my notebook, rather than a I sit out of your house watching to see when you're going to come out next. A stalker is someone who is constantly out to find someone and interfere with every aspect of their life just to see them. All I do is have romantic feelings for them, and try to talk to them about it in school. And none of them have said "You scare me, get the hell away from me".

I just feel so violated right now, of my self-being... because I've been called that before, and having that person say it so confidently on that forum made me upset.


Im sorry people mistreated you on that other forum, I think everyone here is extremely kind and helpful, I know you'll get the help here :)


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Hi :hug:

I'm sorry that happened to you.. i guess people find it easy to say things on the internet without really thinking about how it can be taken or make the other person feel. I hope you're able to find better support for yourself than the internet forum that you found.

Doesn't sound to me like you're a "stalker".. you sound like a very intelligent person.. and it's normal to feel attracted to people and to try to talk to them about it. Please don't let this person get to you too much.. you're right, she was a bitch :D

Hope you stick around here though and keep on posting if it helps. We're not here to judge or anything.. just listen and support any way we can

Jenny x
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