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    I KNOW I've hurt people on this site and I never meant to. fuck knows what got into me that night
    I got very badly triggered by some stuf that certain people aid to me and now my fucking s key isn't working dproperly
    oh fuk it
    as I was saying htat one delted post I made was one full of anger. I was so fuking angry at that time as well as hurt and god knows what oher emotion. I was filled with every single emotion you can think of. I didnt eant to hurt anyone.

    Yes I'm still angry at some people especially the ones that triggered me that night cos they know very deamn well that what they were saying was triggering mbut meh
    who cares

    hate me as much as y'all want. it'll make everything easier. and since we're here being honest and all....

    Lisandra is me.
    Cassidy is me.

    so yeh fuck it. now y'al know my fucking situtaion.

    and yes ISaid I'd leave ths site and yes I will.....

    see how screwed up I am..

    and why the fuck is it that almost all of the few friends from here I still have left are all doing so fucking bad that they either have attempted or will do so really soon.??

    oh wht the fuck. maybe it'was a good thing that I wrote that post. I hate hurting people. I HATE it but at least now people aren't close to me anymore. I hurt the ones that i was close with so bad that they fucked off. I hate the way it was but in the end it's best for them cos all I do is hurt people at the moment. I guess it's the fucking combination of going cold turkey with drugs, alcohol and cigs, as well as the fucking shit with my parents that doesnt seem to end, they jut don know when tot stop , do they. and then the fucking shti with the fact that I'm fucing only eating once a day these days nd the food I DO eat is all being payed for by my best mate, and even with her paying fr all my food I will only fucking have 3 more months to live what the fuck aye!. ye lol i got myself in this perfect situation. and my fucking helll


    ther ya go, I'm really glad i"m undr moeration right nwo cos I 'nm sure I woula screwed up chat big time ad I'm sure I'wol hurt so many people if I wer in chat. I'm sureprised I'm hnot hurtin anyone on msn right now. but oh well of course nobody talks to me so I cant hurt them lol. i shoul just blocke them for their own sake but no I'm too pusy for tat lol

    oh and look how bad my typing i lol and I'm not evn on any drugs or whatever right now. Jut having a little lack of sleep as well as many emotions and a fucking cre3wec up keybpard cos I'm smaching it so hard lol

    oh sod it. lol tis all so fucnny
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    I'm still here hunny :hug:
  3. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    Thank you :hug: :sad:

    if ya want you can add me to MSN :shy:

    don't feel obligated though :smile: