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    It can never be a smooth night at work I swear. Can't go a night in which somebody doesn't screw around and make a huge mistake. was having a great night here then one of the employees decided to mess with the tape head that tapes and stamps the boxes. raised it so there was no stamp printed on the boxes for about an hour. Its something I have to tell them everyday not to mess with but they never listen. It just frustrates me. It seems they purposely mess up sometimes when the night is going smooth. I guess being a supervisor is not all that great of a job.
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    Hi Kankuro,

    I'm so sorry to hear about what's been happening.

    I know what it's like to be in a supervisor's role and have employees not do work properly for you. There was one job I had where I was in education and as a supervisor I asked my colleagues to do a simple work project task related to 'bridges'. They all didn't take it very seriously and it really upset me because I had spent two full weeks of my holidays preparing the activity for them.

    I'm just wondering though and please don't be offended, do you think they do it deliberately or do you think like my case, they just don't know better? If you think they are doing it deliberately, could you speak to them about it or even if they aren't tell them they need to focus more?

    I hope tomorrow night is much smoother for you.

    Take care.

    Kind regards,

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    I'm pretty sure its deliberate. Thats how a lot of people are up here. They think if they do something they can make me and the other supervisor work harder because they think we have easy jobs and they seem to be a little bit jealous.
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    There are some immature people out there who enjoy upsetting others. They should be happy they got job as many do not Just ignore them because if you feed into their games they are getting the feed back they wanted. Maybe if an hour work wages were detucted from all their pay they wouln't do it again but you would have to know who did it.
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    If it continues tell them you are going to put a letter of reprimand in there file.. When they don't get a raise they will know you mean buisness..
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    well. I can't do any of that. I can only yell at them and then talk to my boss about punishment. If its one of the temporary empoyees from the temp agency I have the power to send them home and not let them come back but thats about it. I can't do much in the punishment area with full time employees
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    I hated being a supervisor. Though it was better than being unemployed.