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I just GAHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I went out and saw some ppl I kinda know and was at the damn Transit Center where the buses come and an officer comes n tells us no be hanging out over there smoking!! GOD!!! I told the ppl I was hanging with I had to go.. And walking home I'm just trying to keep myself together... I can't handle cops or anything like it!!! They trigger me to hell!! And then when I was walking these damn images of suicide kept popping up in my fucking mind!!! WHY?!! Fucking Suicide Methods just GAHHHHHHH!!!!! I haven't even had these specific ones in a few years!! And it makes anything I look at.. Like I just imagine killing myself! I just wana say FUCK YOU!! I'm sick of these "swings" and It's weird.. One moment I'm doing really well and next my mind decides to "imagine" suicide!! WTF???

Ok.. I'm done with my stupid rant.. :rant:
I hate cops too. especially ones that try to bully you.

sometimes I wonder what the consequences would be if I just told them to go to hell. maybe it would be worth it to not have to put up with their crap

sorry that this happend to you, and I hope that things can get better


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I hate police that think they're above everyone else, sorry you're having a hard time. :hug: :hug: :hug:
:hug: sis, i dont think he meant to upset you, but i understand how people feel of cops. Please try to udnerstand him, and try to heal yourself at the same time. I hope you are feeling better, and im always here for you :hug:
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