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i cant handle this shitty diagnosis, my depression is killing me, i cant deal with people right now, im triggered to fuck by absoulutely anything and im battling suicidal feelings pretty much 24/7.

Short version of whats going on.

I am so desperate to end my life right now that I would do it in any way possible as long as I knew it would work, but my resources are serverely limited. I know people say hang on in there, it gets better. But I can't wait any longer. I've been battling these thoughts for 10 consecutive days now - the longest ive ever had this. Ive already attempted once in those days... I'm too close right now to trying it again.

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i know but you have battled and won through those days okay so you can battle and win again. You call the hospital or go there and get help You call crisis line get help You call your doctor get help okay Don't fight this alone it is too hard hugs to you.


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hey you made it through 10 days, you can push through a few more im sure you can. its not time to give up yet


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Sam! I wish I could be there to help you get through this. Go to A&E and tell them what's going on; or call crisis to talk to someone who can help.

Or log back on here, and we can help you through it in chat.


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Thank you guys...

I've tried everything to battle this, I really have. The only option I have left is the psychiatric ward... And I can see myself ending up there again.

I just have so much fricking self hatred right now that I don't give a shite about anything. I'd die tonight if I could. Sigh.

I'm so... unsettled I guess is the word. My emotions are all over the place.

On the outside i'm happy, but on the inside i'm screaming. They're screaming... I need quiet. I need rest. I need release.


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ive got so many threads in this forum that i just decided to add to this one.

im slipping down the slope, further than i ever have before. the internal pain is blinding. i cant see past it. its all there is. nothing calms the pain, nothing helps me to be distracted from it. this is all i have now.

i dont want this pain any longer. i want to go to sleep and never wake up...

this song sums up everything right now.

Asleep - Emily Browning


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Sam im so sorry you are feeling crap hun and sorry I am not about as much to talk to you properly. But you have my mobile number. If you are feeling crappy please drop me a text you know I am always here for you. I love you lots hunni bunch xxxxx


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Talk to the crisis team at your local hospital if possible, they will understand how you are feeling, or call a crisis line, email the samaritans at samaritans.org or befrienders, befrienders,org.
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