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Game Of Life

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by danz, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. danz

    danz Well-Known Member

    Title is self explanatory, easy to do.
    Describe your life up until this point as if it was a game.
    Can be a game of footy, cricket, b,ball, chess, netball, marbles, whatever.
    It doesn’t really matter.

    I chose soccer/football depending were your from!

    This would be my game so far
    I missed the team bus and arrived late for pre game warm ups.
    The coach was pissed off and dropped me to the bench.
    The team started poorly and conceded an early goal. Score 1-0Down a man and a second goal when our best player was red carded. Score 2-0
    Feeling like the game was well and truly slipping away the coach decided to throw me into the game. Feeling bad for letting the team down,
    I came out full of energy determined to make amends and turn things around.
    We seemed to lift and generated some great opportunities by putting up much needed pressure.
    We were finally rewarded with a goal minutes out from half time and very nearly equalized using some well organized moves and occasional counter attacks.
    We were right back in the game. First half score 2-1.

    The second half -
    We started poorly and our defence was in a state of utter confusion. Our attacking structures fell apart and team mates around me look to be giving up. Goal conceded early on, score 3-1.
    We are out of energy, undermanned and just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle and put this team out of its misery. Only minutes remain on the clock. Not even a miracle can change the fact this team will lose. Our fans have left in disappointment and the pace of the game has dropped off to nothing more than a slow paced walk. There were numerous fouls by the opposition which were not adequately punished by the referee and it stinks of conspiracy.
    We are losing duels all over the field and where mostly reduced to panicked emergency saves.
    The sooner this game ends the better for all. Final score, who cares.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.