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I know there are already threads about gaming and such, one being my own (It was lost D:). Anyway, I'm looking for gaming buddies. I have Xbox Live, my gamertag is xxjjzombiexx
I only have a few games. Sims 3, Fable 3, Fallout 3, Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Bioshock. Plus a ton of Arcade games.
I'm also going to be re-signing up for Gamefly, so I'll be able to get some other games.

I also have a PSP. I play: Phantasy Star Portable, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

Also PS2. I play: Persona 3: FES, Persona 4, Final Fantasy X & X-2, True Crime New York City, and some old PS1 games

Anywho, we can discuss games or you can add me on live. I'm not on currently, but I will be eventually some time tomorrow.



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already have you on my 360 as you know... but... I don't have my xbox live right now. I'll have that back up soon I'm hoping... next week friday possibly...I will likely get a new game too.
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