Gangland Rape Around My Way

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  1. Here is a little story about how life was for me around my way. When I was 16 years old, I joined a gang called the Bloods, which was common in my East Compton neighborhood. My daddy wanted nothing to do with me for much of my life and abandoned the family due to my birth, my mom me abused daily because she blamed me for my daddy leaving her, which is its own long story, my siblings mostly ignored me growing up and sometimes did things to make my mom angry at me, and the rest of my family wanted nothing to do with me because they claimed that I was too much of a problem child. The Bloods seemed to treat me more like a family than my actual family, which I still view to this day as a shame. They supported me in nearly everything I wanted to do, they bought me whatever I wanted, and they always had my back when I ran into any sort of trouble. However, the good things that the gang provided always came with a price. If I wanted to keep receiving positive treatment and respect, I had to put in work for the gang, which basically means to commit crimes to make the gang some money or otherwise help them out in some form or fashion. By putting in work, the police often arrested me during my teenage years for many crimes, mostly for crimes as minor as shoplifting to crimes serious as robbery. The police also often arrested me for assault and battery. There was more pressure for me to put in work due to being female too, but it wasn't a problem for me. Of course, the main rivals for the Bloods are the Crips and both Bloods and Crips were numerous in my high school. A female wearing blue asked me where I was from in school during passing period, and I told her that I stayed in East Compton. She stayed in a different area, revealed that she was a Crip, and that she had a problem with me. Later that day after school, we got into a fight in the school parking lot. A lot of people claim that I supposedly got my ass whupped, but the fight seemed rather even to me.

    Nonetheless, the rest of the Bloods, whom were men and women older than me, told me that I had some more work to put in after they picked me up from school. I told them about the issues that I got into with the Crips at my school and the veterans gave me another assignment. My assignment was to gather some more female Bloods from the neighborhood and have them join me in seeking out the Crips that went to my school. We learned where the Crips stayed thanks to the girl telling me her hood. After I did that, we went to the girl's neighborhood and saw them standing around talking. We approached them and they didn't take it too kindly that we were in the neighborhood and a brawl started. I beat up one of the female Crips that went to my school while the rest of the Bloods on my side were fighting Crips that tried to jump in. After leaving them beaten, before we knew it, shots started firing, so we quickly got out of that neighborhood. We realized then that it meant war and a potentially deadly one at that. On my way after school, I realized that the Bloods wouldn't be picking me up from school due to what happened the day before. They wanted to keep a low profile until things died down. I decided to walk to the bus stop and ride the bus to the house. On the way there, a young female that looked to be in her early 20s approached me in her car. She had a girl that went to my school in the passenger seat and looked to be her younger sister. She asked me if I was Brianna and I told her I was. She told me that she was the cousin of one of the veteran members of my gang and wanted to make sure I ride home safely based on what happened the day before. Naturally, since the Bloods said they wanted to stay low key, I automatically assumed that they would send a relative or something to pick me up, so I didn't think anything of it and hoped in the backseat.

    On the way, we talked and she was friendly. It seemed like we have been friends for ages. She said that she had to make a quick stop at her house before she took me home though, which wasn't too far from the bus stop she picked me up at. She said she had to drop off her little sister, whom was in the passenger seat. I told her that was not a problem at all. When we arrived at her house, she and her sister went in and she told me she would be right back. I realized something was amiss. A group of came out of the house she pulled into and rushed into the car, and told me not to try escaping or else they would kill me. I asked them what they wanted with me and they revealed to me that they were Crips and didn't like the invasion that we did in their neighborhood the day before. They told me that they were going to send a message to my gang, but they didn't exactly say what they were going to do. We ended up driving to some unknown location. They sent me to some rundown house which was obviously a drug house and brought me to the basement. I could have sworn that I was going to die that day. In the basement of the drug house, the Crips forced me to remove my clothes and laid me down on one of the dirty mattresses they had down there in one of the rooms. They were grabbing my breasts and rubbing my private parts, making comments about them. One of the Crips had a gun pointed to my head while another started having sex with me against my will. It was the most painful experience that I had back then because my vagina was not moist in any form or fashion and he made sure that the sex was hard as possible. The rape felt similar to falling and scraping your skin on the asphalt, but instead of being on the knee or something, it was in the vagina. Normally, I screamed out in pain, but one of the other Crips covered my mouth and told me to shut the fuck up.

    When one Crip finished, another Crip also started forcing intercourse with me and practically injuring me down there. They kept the gun pointed at me in case I tried anything. My vagina eventually started bleeding due to the force, but that was sort of a good thing because it at least provided me with some lube that made the sex less painful. They all laughed at the whole ordeal and made jokes, saying that the bleeding was exactly why I was a Blood. When they were all done, they started punching and stomping me, most likely knocking me out because I couldn't remember anything after that. The next thing I knew, I was riding in a car at night and forced to get out in a neighborhood that I wasn't too familiar with. They told me to tell go back to the Bloods and tell them everything that happened. My clothes were next to me and I put them on outside, but no one was watching thankfully. I had to get some money fast to take the bus home. A guy was nice enough to give me some change. It was horrible because my vagina was in so much pain and dripping blood. When I arrived, the Bloods in the area were wondering where I was because they were worried. I told them everything that happened. They started to get more serious after that. I couldn't tell the police anything that happened because that goes against the gang's rules and I possibly had warrants for my own arrest too. About a few weeks after this incident, my boyfriend along with another Blood at the time, ended up committing a murder against one of the Crips that raped me. They eventually got caught though and even though my boyfriend was a minor at the time, he was tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison. I eventually found another boyfriend and put in work for the gang until I was 22, when I went to prison myself for the work that I did. That's just one example of the little things that happened around my way where I grew up. Nothing has changed and everything is still the same around my way.
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    Very brave to share your experiences. Just curious if you're still in this lifestyle.
  3. Blood in, blood out.
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    Sorry for all you went through. I grew up around gangs and . Had our house shot at once and held in our home by a group of gang members, because my sister was seeing a guy from another gang. It was very scary . It's a hard life ,I hope you can get some comfort and peace here . And the support you need.
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