Gay Marriage

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Lady Byron, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Lady Byron

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    I was just wondering what everyone out there thought of gay marriage. I was watching the news a couple of days ago and found out California is allowing homosexual people to get married. What do all of you think?

    Here's what I think:

    I think it's no one's damn business whether homosexuals want to get married. They have just as much right to get married and be happy as anyone else and why should non-gay people have a say in it? The priests/judges/people with marriage licenses should decide whether it's okay for gays to be married because they will be the one's doing it right? So if the church has to stay out of the law, then it should be the other way around right? I'm not gay, but it pisses me off that no one knows how to accept those who are different. I think if you're happy with being gay, then there's no problem. I only brought this up because my mom was freaking out and saying it's "a good thing that our state doesn't allow that or recognize their marriage" and I was thinking, "what about my cousin Tina whose gay?" and then I asked my mom about my cousin and she gave me a glare and a shut the hell up.
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    I live in california and altho its legal now (theres no law against it or any laws that say its ok) there is a measure coming up on the ballot in november i think that would make it illegal or not.

    I'd kinda like a different word used for gay marriage but dont get all mad at me cause i have nothing against gay marriage and im glad that they are aloud to get married.every generation has had great civil changes like slavery,womens rights,and blacks becoming equal with whites.And Im glad that i can live in a time where there is much change.and in times were the economy in america has taken a sh*t i say let them get married its not gonna hurt anyone and its gonna help out lots of people be it the gay couple or the local economy.I see it as a good thing.

    But that just my opinion
  3. fromthatshow

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  4. innocencexisxlove

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    I personally thinks there's nothing wrong with it. Differences are what makes America, well America. Let them live their lives they way they want to.
  5. bb564

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    One question for anyone opposed to gay marriage:
    Why not?

    Because it's not natural? Nothing is natural these days, since when has nature been important to modern America?

    There is no valid proof for any harm coming to anybody from gay marriage.
  6. Anam_Cara

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    Personally i agree with everyone.. gay marriage isn't hurting anyone... aren't we ALL entitled to love? why should marriage be legal for straight couples and illegal for same sex couples? love is LOVE, does it matter that the couple are the same gender? why can't people simply be happy for others, wish them well, and if it's not their preference just go about their own business and leave these happy couples ALONE! just because someone doesn't like a certain food or sort of music doesn't make it right for them to go ban those foods or type of music.. to me it is the same concept... preferences, likes, dislikes... i hate rap and hip hop music and im not fond of certain foods but it doesn't mean im going to go and impose my beliefs on another... or try to get those things banned simply because i personally hate them! we are a diverse culture and being different is what makes things exciting and refreshing... people need to leave the gay community alone and let them love and marry whoever they wish.. LOVE IS LOVE... gender is irrelevant...

    i come from a family of gay bashers and those against gay marriage... their hatred steps from their religion now correct me if im wrong but isn't religion supposed to be teaching us to love one another? Jesus said "Love One Another" he didn't say "Go bash all the gays and lesbians"... it's simply another religiously induced prejudice.. now im NOT a religious fanatic or bible beater... im pagan and happily so... but i love quoting back to my religiously rabid bible beating family members that Jesus said "Judge not lest you be judged" which is exactly what they are doing in saying gays are evil and condemning them to hell... is that not judging? im sorry but i think in the grand scheme of the things, that the source.. God/Goddess has bigger fish to fry in an eternal lake of fire (as my 10 year old is calling hell) do you think God/Goddess are going to judge more harshly whether we LOVE or whether we HATE? im sorry but to ME, religion screws up more people (and im sorry if this offends anyone).. look at the cults, wars caused over religion (my god is better than yours complex).. how much HATRED and intolerance has it created in the world? religion breeds fear, fear breeds hate, hate breeds intolerance.. all NEGATIVE things... people fear what they can not or do not understand... :sad:
  7. GaiaMischief

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    The argument that homosexuals should not be able to be together and share a commitment like marriage is of course ridiculous and wrong.

    But I think why a shocking number of people are against gay marriage is because they see marriage as a religious practice exclusively. They're not against gays living together and sharing a civil union, but they essentially just don't want them to be binded in what they see as a religious practice when their religion looks down upon it.

    I can see where they're coming from I guess. I disagree with it, of course, more because I think we live in the 21st century and religion should no longer have an influence over how we live our lives. I also think it's false to think that marriage is a religious event. There's no reason gays can't share the legal and financial benefits that straight people get from being married. That's the main reason why it's silly to argue against this from a religious point of view. It's true that marriage was once a religious event first...but once marriage become a legal concept, religion lost it's right to dictate who can become married.

    Very soon, as we continue to push away religion's influence on us, things like abortion and gay marriage are going to become a lot more common everywhere. In fact, one might argue the only reason it hasn't been completely legalized in the US is because the current president is so religious.
  8. Esmeralda

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    Well, I am a Catholic, so we generally believe that gay marriage and/or practicing homosexuality is wrong.

    That being said, I think that there are so very many things that people should be more concerned about aside from gay marriage. If 2 gay people want to mak a committment to each other, why should I care?

    Now, I WILL say that religiously, I think that marriage is something entered into by 2 consenting adults of the opposite sex and that said relationship is sanctioned by God, so if the Catholic Church decided to marry homosexuals in the church, I would definitely be taken aback and I would need to do some thinking.

    But legally? I could not care less. Actually, that is not true. Legally, gay people should have every right that I have to marry whomever they wish, to leave their worldly belongings to whomever they wish, to have their partner insured under their policy at work and recognized as a member of their family, etc., etc.

    My personal religion is one thing which is entirely different from both the government/state and also other religions that believe in and support gay marriage. I don't see why my religious beliefs on this matter should have anything to do with what the government decides or with the beliefs of other religions.

    Don't we have bigger fish to fry?
  9. GaiaMischief

    GaiaMischief Well-Known Member

    The last 300 years has been a VERY slow transition to this idea. Religion's influence in North America in terms of governmental control is so weak compared to 50 years ago. Like I said it's only a matter of time until these things aren't even debated anymore from a religious perspective. And I couldn't be happier. The idea of a theocracy makes me sick. Nothing good can come out of one these days.
  10. touglytobeloved

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    If someone is gay, I dont mind, let him do what he wants. Its his decision and noone should judge him.
    So my answer would be: Gay Marriage...........Yes.
  11. touglytobeloved

    touglytobeloved Well-Known Member

    One subquestion here: Why do we all think that when we watch lesbians on TV, its awesome, but when someone says he is a gay, its disquasting?
    Isnt that the same thing?
  12. Lady Byron

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    Someone said they were Catholic. My parents are too (I'm forced to go to church every Sunday). I am Christian, I don't really care what church I go to, they all seem the same. But I was watching this show last night called 30 Days and it was where this straight woman who did not agree with gays got to live with two gay men and their foster children for 30 days. Well, she's SO against gays/lesbians adopting and personally, I don't see the problem. There was actually an older man (not gay) who had been put in many foster homes as a child and he said that a lot of foster children get put in horrendous homes just because people don't want the older children. They aren't delinquents or anything, but they live in really "bad" neighborhoods and it's just terrible. But even after seeing all of that, the woman still said that we shouldn't let gay/lesbian couples adopt. She was saying stuff like, "I've prayed and I know in my heart that this isn't right (about gays/lesbians adopting)." Isn't that fucking ridiculous? Why would you throw all of those poor children/teens away instead of giving them a home where the parents would actually want them? I don't understand. That's just the way I see it though. :dry:
  13. Anime-Zodiac

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    Regardless of gender, if two people want to get married then that's totally fine. It's amusing how people make a fuss out of gay marriage.
  14. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Exactly. People only seem to want a theocracy when it supports their own religious beliefs. It suddenly seems like a bad idea when that theocracy is based on someone else's belief system.

    And I love how people like Westboro baptists run around saying "Thank God for 9/11" and "God hates fags" and shit like that based on what literally amounts to 2 Bible verses, and meanwhile, Jesus Himself spoke about being non-judgemental pretty much more than He spoke about anything else in His entire ministry. Gee, I wonder what was more important to Him?
  15. Darken

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    It pisses me off when people try to controll anothers life. If you think being gay is wrong then don't be gay . If you think gay people shouldn't be able to marry, that's just your opinion not law. If you try to make it so it's illegal for gays to marry, you're a fascist/bigot and antiequality/equal rights for all. In the US our constitution is suppose to allow freedom of expression and equal rights for all, so banning gay marriage is an obvious violation. Gays don't do any more harm to society than straight people. It's just like a passed down hatred like racism and we need to get over it.

    " "Thank God for 9/11" and "God hates fags" and shit like that based on what literally amounts to 2 Bible verses, and meanwhile, Jesus Himself spoke about being non-judgemental pretty much more than He spoke about anything else in His entire ministry. Gee, I wonder what was more important to Him?"

    Yeah seriously if you hate gays for no reason other than because your brainwashing errr religion tells you to. You may as well go around stoning people who have slept with a person before they were married or who ever doesn't believe in the same god as you too. I believe jesus assuming he was real, wanted us to love each other, and not live a life of judgement or hatred.
  16. BioHomocide

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    I'm a ****** but I hate marriage.

    Gay or straight, marriage has no place in my life.
    If you need the law or "God" to give you a feeling that you and the other person will be together forever... that's pathetic!

    And to be honest the way the government makes everything easier for couples who are married versus people who are just together is unfair and ridiculous. The government makes it so you have to get married.
  17. SadDude87

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    Let them be legally married, but don't force churches to perform the ceremony against their wishes. It's up to the gays to find a church that will accept them. If they can't, they should perform their own ceremony which will be legally recognised.
  18. silver_mist343

    silver_mist343 Well-Known Member

    i'm really loving all the support for the gay here and i completely agree with how people should just accept gay people (aka people who may be different but who shouldn't be oppressed because of that). I come from a family and was born into a religion totally against gay marriage and a lot of the time i get pissed at the great lack of love for the gays.
    ---but i just wanted to add that religion has its reasons too: the bible has certain quotes in it that tell us that men AND women were made for a reason and other stuff... (i'm one of those annoying people who see both sides of almost any argument lol). but i am definitely a straight ally and i wish more people would understand and stop beating on people for being different and for directing their love toward people they can't help loving.
  19. kittyD

    kittyD Well-Known Member

    The committed gay couples I know compared to the hetro couples are much more deserving of both legal and religious acknowlegement. I think because of the soul searching involved in their personal acceptance, then the strength to come out and then to choose a life partner , that they've made a more in-depth decision than many hetros do. And because of this, they seem to have a much stronger bond to their partner, a greater committment. If only religions could realize that they've lost such a talented, unique group of people ...makes me sad.
  20. Idon'twant2live

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    I'm for it cause it's a good way to control the population. There are just way to many people in the world as it is. Gay people can't make kids, they can only adopt them. I guess gay women can get prego by artificial insemination, but then that won't make them gay, that makes them BI.