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    hi at all..first I want to say that Im not well speaking english,therefore,excuse my basic nivel..well following with my tread i'D like to share with you my thinking about being gay.In my opinion being gay not is the problem,but gay enviroment.For example,Whenever I talk with one lad,at disco,pub or anywhere ,straightaway after 5 minutes they are saying " I wanna fuck with you rigth now..please !! I regreat thinking that it works that way at everywhere.Actually I have a few friends and I would like to meet gay or bi people with brain. well...I don`t know how it works in britain,Im from chile, well..see you later--bye
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    I'm gay, and I've been in some of these nightclubs etc, and I think this is less to do with the sexuality than the scene - as it's a nightclub, you're bound to fine some - er - interested customers... who are... yeah. This occurs in heterosexual establishments as well, just by the nature of what it is.
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    i think it's more about the club scene rather than the gay scene. find some other places to hang out, like the community center if there is one, or bookstore, or activity club (like for hiking, or running and stuff). it will be less cruisy. good luck, catherine
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    different environments will be different but i agree i think a lot of lesbian boards my gf shows me are are very physical based (only) a lot to do with image and i just don't connect.