GAYS: Feeling Massively Fucked Over

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    my ex Matt and I had a habit of arguing constantly during our short and unhappy relationship. so we broke up several years ago. he used to contact me every year or so, when his relationship failed wanting to get back together. other than that, he didnt give a shit, unless there was something in it for him. this has been happening for 3 years.

    he get back in contact several months back as he breaks up with his ex, i say im happy to be mates but not date. so he goes quiet again. then two weeks ago he tells me he is dating someone similar to me - another town planner. feeling a bit played around with, i mean he couldve dated anyone, i say i dont want to chat anymore and lets just pretend we've never met. it was a negative whatever it was.

    last night a dude messages me on a gay hookup site. turns out its my gay planning enermy from uni. we used to be mates before he suddently stopped talking to me many donks back. id idnt mind it as i made a lot of new positive friends since then. being friendly i ask how he is and if he still does planning - as i dont.. he doesnt want to chat or anything and instead just wants to see a few naked pics and to meet up for random sex at my house, before never chatting again. i dont go for that kinda thing and ended it there.

    it just seems like a massive coincidence and part of some fucked up game. considering all this has happened within 2 weeks.

    its disrupted my usually quiet normal positive life and id hate to think im part of some sick game at my expense. either way, the fuckers are out of my life for good!
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    As they should be! Why is it that everyone wants to hookup for a romp in the sack? I mean we have feelings and everything. That has to come into play at some point.