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  1. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    i dropped out of high school right before the end of 12th grade. i wasn't going to graduate so i just stopped going one day.
    now that was a few years ago and i have never had such low self esteem. i haven't really done anything since.
    it was my "dream" or whatever you want to call it, to become an art therapist. that requires a masters degree... lol
    what doesnt help is that my husband recently started college and he is doing great and his parents are supportive and so proud and he is so awesome in everyone's eyes, has so many friends and is so smart and strong and blah blah blah
    he also just got a new job on top of that and has an awesome resume blah blah. he definitely is gonna amount to something, be successful and all that other shit. he doesn't need any more positive experiences. he has had more then fucking enough.

    i'm really resentful.
    i have not been pulling my weight whatsoever since i dropped out. i don't have a job and the only thing i can hope for is to get hired at one of these little ghetto stores around here and barely pull minimum wage and probably get robbed and maybe raped on the way home bc i also don't have a car or a US license and don't particularly live in a nice area.

    i knew i needed my GED and im determined to get, i HAVE to, but i am absolutely XXX when it comes to math. i cant do the most simple things. and i mean really the most simple. every time i sit my ass down to study for it, i get so fucking depressed. start crying, hurt myself and then lay on the kitchen floor for the rest of the day starring at the wall and am nothing but one big stinking pile of apathetic shit.
    and it remains that way for days, to the point where i don't want to look at it at all, which doesn't help my situation.
    and i'm thinking, if i get this stressed out and depressed over the GED, how on earth am i supposed to go to and through college lol its a big fat joke. i would never even be accepted. please...
    and basically i remember what a stupid, worthless piece of shit i am and that i will always be a nothing, never someone you would respect, someone valuable.

    when i tell people this, most of the time i get the answer that i am someone since i'm married so im such and such's wife and i will have a family so i will be a mother ladida. so what if i ever get divorced, what am i then. that cant define me as a person. i would always be nothing. that isnt an achievement.

    enough of the bitching now. what i really am asking for is some people's experiences with their GED and if you had the same feelings of inadequacy and were struggling kind of like me. or if i am the only loser here.
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  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    There are many tutoring opportunities online...focus on ones that are free and ones which can help you improve your math skills...get the study guides and see what is needed for the GED (also free) and start each day improving your skills...also approach the task with what I call a novices' approach..." I know little about this and I am going to learn"...past experiences are telling but they are not the only things that influence what we do of luck and do not let anyone stop you from your dreams
  3. fredrickguy

    fredrickguy New Member

    Anyone can be taught to do anything. That is the simple truth. It also means that anyone can learn anything - it just has to be explained correctly in a way that the student understands. We all learn differently, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. But anyone can learn to do anything - and there are free programs (including tutoring and online education) for obtaining your GED.

    If you want to get a GED - you can and will succeed if you stick with it.

    The thing about education is that it builds upon itself, and so does success. The more you succeed, the more you believe you can succeed in the future - and so you do.

    Please know that you are capable of succeeding - and you will succeed if you apply yourself. Get the help that you need - there are study groups, tutors, and online tutorials... be honest about what you don't understand, recognize that we all have to learn these things (no one is born with such knowledge) and stick with it.

    One final thought: your husband is working hard to better himself. Congrats to him. It says a lot about his character and determination. Please also note that he chose to marry you. He loves and believes in you. If you two work together, you can accomplish far more than if you are working separately. Help each other, support each other - and teach each other.
  4. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    There's no shame in being bad at math. Most people aren't naturally good at it. Math is all about requisite knowledge; everything is cumulative and systematic. It all adds up, so to speak. If you can't factor, you won't be able to use the quadratic equation. If you don't understand the order of operations, you aren't going to be able to solve algebraic equations. Math is different from other subjects in this respect. In a field like psychology, understanding Skinner is not contingent upon understanding Freud. In English, you don't have to know what Nineteen Eighty-Four is about to comprehend Fahrenheit 451. So on and so forth.

    College is a big joke. It's a joke that a lot of people take seriously and are willing to pay you a lot of money to work for them just because you have a paper which proves you endured the joke, but it's a joke nonetheless. I feel your pain when it comes to not meeting others' expectations while watching people close to you surpass societal expectations. I know it's incredibly damaging to feel inadequate, but you have to realize that this inadequacy is nonexistent. In your case, it stems from a lack of resources and maybe a lack of effort. In my case, it stems from nothing but the latter, which is even sadder, I think.

    There are tutors available everywhere. Even the little college I went to (I'm "taking a break" after my horrific first semester, but my parents seem to think I'm dropping out) had free tutoring available. Math CAN be learned. You don't have to be a genius to do algebra or even basic calculus. Believe me, some of the most callous people I've ever known had excellent marks in math all throughout their schooling. Vice versa, not all smart people are good at math!

    I actually graduated from high school, but I almost dropped out in my freshman or sophomore year, forget which. In any case, have your husband help you! I'm sure he'd be more than happy to.

    EDIT: Forgive me if I'm totally off track here, but you should stop harboring so much jealousy and resentment toward your husband. You should take pride in his successes, as he should in yours.
  5. katrina77

    katrina77 Guest

    I had to get my GED due to dropping out of high school because of health issues. My son had to do the same.

    Most places that offer GED testing will also have resources for studying, classes, etc. It's worth looking into.

    If you don't mind my saying so, I'd say the resentment towards your husband is not about his schooling, etc. It sounds like there is something else going on. Is marriage counseling a possibility? Too painful to live with those feelings, and it might destroy marriage and isn't doing you any good in the meantime.
  6. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You can learn hun with supports in place To this day i cannot do math but i am successful why because when i need to do something in math i reach out and ask i get someone to go through the steps with me again and again until i get it. We all move forward hun at our own pace not at somebody elses I hope now your husband can get you into a place that feels safe around you and not one you feel that there is danger when you walk outside. School hun it does not make you who you are that is built inside of you and noone can take that specialness away Hugs to you go for what you want ok not what you think others want of you hugs
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