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Gees I don't know if I can bother for much longer...

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Well I seriously don't know if it's worth it anymore:ohmy: ,Everything seems distorted it's like how do I act?,how do I think?are thing's really going to improve?Is everything really worth it?.The ongoing daily pain,the crap feel ok then feel like shit I mean what's the point?there doesn't seem to be much point and I'm deadly serious.:sad:
I'm in such a friggen hole and doubt I can really get out of it,it seems like just ending everything is the best way strangely to say.I can't stand living like this the Depression the Ocd and everything else what the hell for?Yes people could be hurt by my departure but what's the use of going on through this daily hell for?


I know what you mean....all those questions,, I am asking myself those questions also.

I have also the feeling that ending my life is the way to be away from everything.

I never understand why some people have alway's fun, and other people like me feel the whole time depressed.

Live is so hard!

But maybe we have to change something in our life? I don't know.
Shit, all I know is once you die that's it, nothing, would it be bettter to feel NOTHING or bad?:unsure: I'm really not sure, but suicide is a final answer, and only do something like that after you have really thought it out without being emotional and also talked to one of your friends that will not judge you.

Most people that are suicidal find a way out and are glad they didn't kill themselves.


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how do I act?, how do I think?
However you would like.

are thing's really going to improve?
Figure out why you're depressed- then change that particular thing to best suit a positive future. (Ie. "Work sucks." - Find a new job.)

Is everything really worth it?
I think so. Life can be fun and very gratifying if you do things like you want. Lots of thrills and alternatives waiting to be found, like new friends, clubs, etc.


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Thank's for all your replies it's really so hard and I am trying the best I possibly can,It's just these emotion's that I cant seem to stop they're so powerful and thing's seem so difficult to deal with.I've resisted for so long and I know suicide is the end of everything but I've been on this path for so long the rollercoaster of emotions day after day is so taxing on the mind.
The Ocd is to much and I just don't know how to behave anymore as this Depression and everything that comes with it is so powerful.The feeling's are that i feel so hopeless and useless not good enough to do anything,not bright enough to accomplish anything,not worthy of doing things,I really feel so useless and simply not good enough.
I struggle to find a purpose in this life seriously it's like why am I bothering?just to go through the same emotions everyday and night:sad: .Also one major factor is it seems to be that I have the thoughts of you're going to die one day why prolong the misery for?Wherever I turn whatever I do I end up feeling miserable and so depressed and I hate it why does it have to be like this?when I do my utmost best to change.
What can I do to have a different life?surely my first priority is not to want to end it all but sadly it seems like the best thing as change and a different life seems extremely so impossible and difficult!:sad:
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