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    i have been abused, hurt, saddened, upset, hurt others, done wrong things? idk.. and yano what everytime i think oh wow, my life is going to get better wow something good has happened someone just rips it away. I met liam, we are going great, he is the love of my life, ye maybe im lucky, most people dont get that, but now because of everything thats happening and im starting to kinda clam up, im taking it out on liam, its not fair, hes starting to think i dont love him but i bloody well do! all i ever talk about is liam, hes my soul mate. i guess im just a terrible person? im always upseting people i mean c'mon! how many times have i upset you? possible millions! i dont think about other people, i just get in a terrible state, i take it out on the first person and thats not how i should be!

    i just feel like the worst person in the word right now. just wish that someone out there could get a magic wand and help me. ive torn up my family with comming out about what was happening to me, i might even be ruining the most amazing thing in my life now. ITS ALL MY FRIGIGNG FAULT URG!

    I just wish i was never born. if i was never born there would of being some more room for another baby on this earth, someone who deserves a life. if i get run over tomorrow, i hope i die because then atleast someone will get the benefit of my organs. someone else will lead a better life than me.

    urg sorry. rant over i guess :/
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    liam would not have a good life if you died he love you and is standing by you no matter your temperment. Perhaps getting therapy to change your temperment will help you feel better about yourself hugs.