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    So, I don't know how to go about this, so here's diving in with both feet.

    So, as I was beginning to figure out who I was, at 16, I started having migraines and my whole sexual, personal development kind of screeched to a halt.

    Now, as I get closer to 19, and I begin to learn how to cope with the pain, I find myself, once again, trying to figure out what-who I am.

    I've never been very feminine, or masculine. And I've always been much more comfortable in 'mens' clothing. Which I understand is normal for a decent chunk of ciswomen.

    But I don't feel like a woman. I'm really not comfortable with these breast and vagina, having a period. But I know that I wouldn't be comfortable with a penis, or testicles.

    I feel like I should be Agender. Non-gender. Like I should be a genderless, sexless, IT. Like an inanimate object, like a lamp.

    I know I'm not the only one who feels genderless. Theres that chunk of people that prefer 'ze', 'zim' etc...

    Is there even a way to have neither? the body parts I mean...
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    I don't think any doctor would attempt that one hun I think what you need to do is to talk to someone a therapist to help you deal with the way you are feeling To help you find that comfort zone within yourself. I do believe there are many people who feel the same way non gender but removing parts will not change how you feel hun it will only leave scars it is the self that needs help hun to be comfortable with who you are does that make sense hugs
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    i8 have a friend who believes he is genderless but what he does is just put his mind on other things such as school, work, friends, and family
    he doesnt date or have sex because he has got other things he's occupied with
    hope that helps