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Gender Identity "Disorder"

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I'm trans.

I feel a little sheepish placing this thread in the 'disorders' section as I firmly don't believe that it's a disorder. But, I just wanted to share something.

For any other trans people on the forum, maybe you'll find this video moving.
For all the cis people (non trans people), please watch this video. While the specific details of what's going on are not necessarily universal, this video pretty much sums up how I feel every day. Every fucking day. (at least at this point in my life)




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it is a very good portrayal of what i imagine it might be like.
my friend (lets call him tom) is 17 and we are in tutor/form together at college
we hardly talked at first but over time we grew closer. but i knew he was holding something back, i had heard things around college
one day we were discussing jobs. he said it would be awkward for him to apply for one to which i said i guess it would.
this is when he opened up to me and i asked why had he not told me before? it was because i was a catholic and catholics tend to think god doesnt make mistakes, i said well obviously he does otherwise you wouldnt have been born emma. we are no close friends and he know whenever he has a problem in college he can text me and i am there. he says he is so fortunate to have great mates outside of the lgbt

me and tom always joke that its classed as a disorder so it can be treated on the NHS :)

i hope you find peace and get to be who you want to be (if you arnt already) *hugs*


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I am so glad there are open minded and open hearted people like you in the world that can be there for trans people.

Your friend is lucky. :)


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I've been diagnosed with GID as well, even though I don't see it as a disorder. And I have to say I completely agree with the way you feel about this video.

I remember seeing it a while back and thinking woah, I feel like this most of the time.
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