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general annoyanes!!


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i have a mate who is annnnoying me to death...

he keeps wanting to have sex, but only as a mate thing.... and i keep telling him im not big on the random sex thing...unless very very drunk and then ill regret it the next day. he says he understands, but then goes on that oh lets just do it. ive again said no!

anyway hes been really quiet now that he knows he wont be getting any..

how annoying, why cant people be nice without the need for sex...

total eclipse

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Good for you standing your ground hun yes friendship does not need to have sex I find that only ruins a relationship Keep standing your ground okay hugs

Mr. E

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FWB is tricky in general, but if you don't want it then he should definitely respect your stance. If sex is all he wanted to base the friendship on, and you're not okay with that, you're better off leaving him be


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I would just shut him out, because you don't need the complications. Leave him with his who-ha in his hand and get on with your life.

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