General update and medication changes.

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by SashaJade, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Had an appointment with my psychiatrist, and discussed all the issues I had, which I won't bore you with. But the out come of this appointment is me trying a new sleeping tablet (zolpidem) instead of zopiclone which my body has got used to. I also have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9am for a blood test to check that my body is healthy, if it is, I shall be starting taking lithium tomorrow, if the results come back by 4.30pm. My psychiatrist seems to think he can rush process the results through the pathology back in time for him to make a decision about me taking lithium.

    Hopefully, i'll get the go ahead as he seems to think it will really help me; it will boost the effects of my anti-depressant (venlafaxine 375mg - the highest dose legally prescribed in the UK), he said it will also balance out my moods, stop me being so easily irritated which causes me to lash out and he also thinks it will help me to sleep as well as it can cause tiredness which is why he said I will have to take it at night time.

    So, fingers crossed this works, cos I really don't wanna be feeling like this any longer!
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    Hi hun i will hope for the best okay It is good you are going to try something different that will help you hugs
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    Thanks hun :)

    So, the blood test failed miserably, they couldn't find my veins in the crooks of my arms so they tried both of my wrists, but nothing worked. All i have to show for it is a very bruised wrist.
    I have an appointment on tuesday to try again with the blood test, so hopefully it will work this time.

    On the plus side, this new sleeping medication is fantastic!
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    Dam eh i hate that when they can't find a vein i am glad your new sleeping medication is working for you hun that is one positive hugs