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    Fuck xmas. I wonder if people have any idea how annoying it is? I hate the repeated references to what a wonderful family time it is, and all this peace and goodwill bullshit. Peace and goodwill are fake and weak (excuse what may appear to be a paradox). Then people tell you to cheer up, it's xmas, or that you're ruining it for everyone else by not joining in. Why would I join in with something I don't celebrate?! That makes no fucking sense. They can all die.

    And why can't I stay away from people. All I want is isolation, but that's completely impossible, so I struggle. And I disgust myself - look at me, I'm posting on a site where this will be seen by people because I don't like people. What the hell is WRONG with me?

    ps scuse all the contradictions, some are, some aren't