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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by shub11, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    Hey folks I need an advice from you...

    Now after spending 2 terrible months of depression and self introspection I have come to the conclusion

    1. I am looser this is for sure all my life I have struggled to make it better but it just doesn't improve .. so this part I am sure...

    2. Secondly now I have to decide what to do with my life ...this is the big question for me as of now..... I have few alternatives

    1. Suicide , Just end this shit right here right now let there be permanent peace.
    2. Continue to to survive like a looser ,dont marry , dont have kids , and fight daily loose daily and die daily in depression and ultimately become a monk
    3. Go ahead with normal life .... marry someone , spoil that person's life , have a child and spread your useless DNA

    4. Wait a while try out few things in your life which you feel could help you and then go ahead with a normal life if things improve (although I wonder what life it would be after 35 without spouse , GF , no kids and no family ) .... (this is the most difficult alternative...)
  2. Severijn

    Severijn Well-Known Member

    Hi shub.

    You said you've tried a lot in your life to make it better. And I belief you. But maybe you haven't come across the right knowledge and strategies yet.

    That was my problem. I had this feeling I had struggled all my life to get better. But it didn't work. But the real problem was that I just didn't have to right knowledge/skills to get a better life.

    What things have you tried exactly to improve your life? (Often when things go wrong, it has to do with self-esteem).

    I don't want to sound like some sleazy salesman, but the programs of this guy really helped me out: (little hint: search for them on a torrent website; if you like the programs, buy them. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.)

    I hope you choose for the option of going for a good life. It possible, but you need to have patience, the right knowledge, perseverance.

    You've maybe tried 10 things, but there are a 100 other things you haven't tried yet. Hang in there and take care.
  3. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    Thx for the advice ...

    See trying , failing then again trying ...till you succeed is that what everyone advices and I agree this the way forward ...

    But I just have one argument can you expect a blind man to fly aeroplane .... Thats what my problem is . .. I am not naturally equipped with any kind of talent to make make my life kind of low to moderately successful .. i am just equipped to survive ...just to scratch through ..... Well I m not asking life to make me Bill Gates ... I just want a normal boy next door kind of a life which I never had , nor I think I will .... The only reaon is not luck , not any person , but only me ... I dont have it in me.... so there is no question of trying 100 other things ... its just that I am not capable of doing anything ..... I have acepeted and made peace with it .. Now I have to decide next course of action .......
  4. Severijn

    Severijn Well-Known Member

    I hear you shub11, but I think you are underestimating yourself. I do think you have talent, but maybe they are not developed yet.

    I know you have a lot on your mind and I don't want to burden you any more, but I do think that you're problem is more a self-esteem/self-image problem. Truly not being able to do something, or not BELIEVING you can do something, are two different things. But the end results of them both are the same.

    Have you ever tried reading some self-esteem books? They helped me quite a bit, and I was a completely inadequate years ago. I had OCD, PTSD, and social anxiety, and depression. Now the only thing that is left is some depression now and then.

    Things can change. I hope you keep trying to make the best of it.
  5. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    I am definately low on self esteem , low on self confidence and high on depression ... But these problems are scince ages and I have tried to overcome them through many ways but failed each time , due this I am not able to do well in my life . Now I am ageing day by day (already 28 ) I do no have the luxuray of time which I use to have early . People become billionaire by 28 , have sex with Lengrie models and what I doing working for a partly salary of 1000 bucks/month , still take the help of internet to satisfy myself sexually .... and most important I am away from my family , my friends ...the most important cogs in my life ... all this just for 1000 bucks .... sorry to bother you guys....
  6. Severijn

    Severijn Well-Known Member

    Hey shub.

    I'm 28 too, and a guy... There's a whole life ahead of you. And you at least have a job... lots of people are unemployed. Just don't give up... Maybe you need to discover one special method/book/audio tape/whatever. You're too young to give up. Anything can happen still.

    I was totally lonely and without a job, but doing some poker and going to casinos made me some new friends, and I am enjoying life a lot more. Never thought that would be possible years ago.

    Meeting the right people in life can make a big difference.

    For me two things are important: being around nice fun people, and two, having a good-looking body(I used to be overweight). I had to work hard to get those two... You have so much time still ahead of you.
  7. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    Yeah you almost share the same thoughts..

    For me also be around with people I want is the most important , second thing is money ....lots of it so that i can retire and go back to my home town ... Also I am also into casion albeit of other kind stock market. :peaceful: Hope one day I am able to turn my life around.......
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