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GERD or Bulimia???

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I've had GERD for quite some time. I'm taking Nexium for it, but I don't it's helping any. I can't keep anything down, so I throw it up. It's as if the food gets stuck and I start cramping really bad. So I've started making myself throw it back up, just to relief the uneasiness I feel. But now I think it's beyond GERD and going into bulimia. When I went to the dr. earlier this year, I had lost 15lbs. in 2 months... and not on purpose. Now I think it's becoming habit to stick a finger down my throat. It just comes natural to me. I went from a size 16 to a size 5 in 6 months, and yet I'm scared to gain that weight back that I just lost. So I don't know what to do... I'm still taking Nexium, but I just don't know...

Has anyone else done the same thing? I just can't stop... It got to the point that I would rather eat out than at home, so it wouldn't look suspect as to why I'm going to the bathroom alot right after a meal. But now I don't have to worry about anyone seeing me at home doing it, I'm afraid it's going to get worse.

Life just sucks right now... someone shoot me, it was in self-defense :unsure:


Hey there...
I stumbled across your post and had to reply... My name is ashley and I'm 18 and have had an e/d for last 5 years...I went from 205 lbs to 120 lbs. It started out with restricting/starving/exercising and became restricitng/purging and then full on bingeing/purging...
*Previous to this I was diagnosed with acid reflex and also put on nexium (among others)...And a BIG thing with me is that AFter I eat...no matter what it is...It becomes so uncomfortable - sitting almost like the food is stuck between my ribs -...and wont go down...It simply gets to the point were its more irritiating and unbare to keep the food then it would be to get rid of it...I'm not syaing THIS is why I throw up or why I have bulimia...Because its not...In fact, its more like an excuse I use in order to make myself sick...But evenso...It without a doubt plays a part in my bulimia.

So...NO hun, you are no alone...Good to know I'm not the only one...But sad to hear your suffering as well!

Wishing you well,

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