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Get them out my head

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Sorry you feel this way - but try to focus on other things - maybe read a few things here - and I'm sure some replies will come your way.

Do answer though - I mean here - how long you been fighting these thoughts?

And is there anyone who can talk to or be with?

I'm in England myself - and know its afternoon there - so what are you up to right now?

Sorry for the short reply but best to let you know someone does care- and many here have been through this.

So Lebe - I hope this helps or explaining more might help you get feedback - I'm watching so do reply.

Thanks for reading - I know how you feel also.

Hope to hear off you soon mate.


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I've had strange suicidal and self-harming thoughts since march and they've gradually got worse. I'm on a herbal anti-depressant called St. Johns Wort. I have self-harmed in the past and really don't wanna go back to that. I'm also seeing a councillor at school but i haven't told her about my thoughts.
Thank you for showing me that people care x
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