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Getting Better

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Jonathan29, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. Jonathan29

    Jonathan29 Member

    Just wanted to know is it possible to recover from depression?

    Ive made over a dozen suicide attempts in the last 4 years, and everytime something goes wrong i want to die, ive been to my gp and seen a pychiatrist but nothing works, i only socialize if i have to and the thought of even having to speak to my own familly makes me feel unconfortable.

    How do i get my confidence back be more sociable, and live a normal life because feeling like this everyday is driving me crazy, its a pointless life but hey suicide isnt as easy as i thought.

    Would be interested to hear from anyone who has recovered or knows someone that has
  2. Caii<3

    Caii<3 New Member

    I had a depression two years ago, and I'm pretty much over it now. Personally my friends helped me alot, but I don't think ny depression was as bad as yours. They say endhorphins make you happy, so try to eat chocolate, excersize and have sex:p If you don't feel comftable hanging out with other people yet, just try and take things slow. I really hope you get better. I'm sure a whole lot of people would be sad if you died. Good luck! Love Cay<3
  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    I'm not even close to recovering. But I do know it is not something you can achieve without understanding and dedicated people in your life. That it is something that you have to really want. Sort of like an alcoholic that has to admit that they have a problem before the healing can really happen. And it can take a long time and just might be the hardest thing you will have to deal with. People say you have to reach the absolute bottom before you can start to recover or go up. I dont know about the absolute bottom. I think you have some "stops" or handholds that you find along the journey to the bottom. You have to be lucky enough to see them while you're falling and grab one. Thats what SF is. That's what the members are here. Handholds. So grab on tight. Listen to the great advice. And do something with it. See a professional that can get you in touch with resources that will help you move forward. Talk to support groups for people with social anxieties. Try to avoid situations with the family as a group and try small, maybe one or two of them at a time for a visit. Until you have built up some personal strength and confidence.

    But NONE of it is going to happen until you can sit down and say to yourself, I am ready to do this. Until that day comes, keep holding on to the holds you can find here. Keep posting, it definitely is a step in the right direction!!!! :arms:
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